Sunday, November 2, 2008

It stinks being sick...

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers...

I have been thru so much healthwise the last couple weeks & today I've been able to sit at the computer! Doesn't sound like much but it's a big deal & progress from the bed. The breast cancer treatments seem to still be working but I'm so exhausted I can hardly move. It sounds so crazy to say it's hard to hold your arms out in front to type on a keyboard but that's what I'm dealing with right now. I've also been dealing with kidney infections & stones - yikes talk about pain! 2 stones came out last night & it seems to have helped with the pain quite a bit! That's a huge praise!

Anyway hopefully I'm on the upswing & will get stonger & healthier each day.

Many of you have checked out Sassy Cards n' Scraps (I'm on the design team there). They are having a month long contest with great prizes. Join in on the fun & win some creative "loot"! The challenges are fun & will help you get motivated to get a jumpstart on holiday projects.

Being a new site there were kinks to work out... we have changed the gallery to a flickr one so it's much easier to post & praise!

I also had an article/layout published in an online ezine... here's the link

Thanks for all the email concern - trying to keep something like this secret doesn't give God the glory right? Because a miracle is coming... I'm sure of it!

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Lily said...

oh honey, I'm so sorry. sounds awful. Congrats on the publishing