Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Scrapbooking Room in Progress

You all know we've been moving furniture all week. Several have been asking to see photos of the scrapbooking/craft room in progress. I've got things put away enough that it's presentable.... "Ta-da" - the world premier of my own little creative space (it's not a showplace like many on 2peas but I'm tickled to death to have it) I love that it's not in the living area of the house. My hubby hung the shelves that run nearly the length of the wall. It's still got a ways to go but I'm able to use it & I SO ENJOY IT!

These first photos are just taken as I go around the room.

Now I've taken more photos & put captions under it so you can see more of the details.

The old dresser is really useful as a work surface & stores so much stuff. This is to the right of the desk so still easy to access supplies.

Here's a peak what's inside:

I'll break it up into multiple posts because blogger isn't always easy to keep photos together & lined up in....

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