Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are You Ready?

I'm so behind this year... that's what I get for being disorganized.

Yesterday I got quite a bit accomplished:

I finally finished 2 of the 3 mini albums I'm making as gifts and the 3rd is halfway done

Made some photo ornaments for the tree

CLEANED my disaster of a scraproom

Started baking cookies

Sent out the last of my Christmas cards lol - usually I'm one to have them out no later than the 5th.... not this year.

I came across a contest over at one of my favorite blogs to visit each week - drop by & say hi to Patter.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming this year.

I know it's because I'm not as organized as I usually TRY to be.

I haven't even sent out my Christmas cards yet..... they WILL go out tomorrow.... I hope.
Here are a couple that I made & scanned.

Tuesdays are actually one of my favorite days...

I post my technique over at SCNS. This week I talk about stamping white images on dark cardstock. Check out my hints.

My favorite part of Tuesday is the evening when I sit at the computer & "visit" with my paperclipping pals. We have a great time watching & talking with Noell & chatting.

Don't forget to check out & join us for the live show tonight 8:30 eastern time at

Thanks for visiting & have a blessed day

Monday, December 15, 2008

Every Year it Happens

I don't know about your dogs.... but every year I dread when Christmas comes and the Ferrero Roches chocolates commercial comes on.....
You know the one where the doorbell rings & they sing "Deck the Halls". The singing is fine but year after year the dogs would always bark as soon as they hear the doorbell sound. At first it was funny & at the time we had 3 dogs so that didn't last long....

Maddy was our bassett & all of you who visit my blog know Bob the german shepherd. They barked EVERY TIME that commercial came on & our newest dog Rosie would join in too....

This year we only have Rosie & she is the genius of dogs. She's always thinking about something. She can even spell!

So before Thanksgiving the commercial came on & sure enough she barked at it a couple times. It didn't take her long to figure out that I wasn't getting up to greet our visitors & so she started waiting to hear "Deck the Halls". That was her cue to know it wasn't the doorbell but the TV!

Thank goodness for my smart little girl... I don't hate the commercial anymore - but I bet a lot of you still might lol

Have a great Monday

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


You all know how much I really enjoy the website....

Well it just got better.

Noell & Izzy have changed the forum & gallery. Everything is in one place & each member even has their own personal site. I can tell that it's going to be a great asset to their already terrific site.

Here's my page on their site

It was so quick & easy to register. Check it out & join in on the fun.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Super Christmas Give-a-Way

If this blog isn't a regular stop make sure you visit in the weeks ahead.

This week's prize is a Silhouette Machine!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I found this blog with a great give-a-way

Make sure you check it out.

I finished up my first layout for the Heritage Group I joined.

The challenge was to use a fun photo of yourself & be creative making a funny title.

Here's mine. Photos of Christmas 1966 - I think I overdid the excitement for the camera... I was a bit of a drama queen.

Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Light Reflectors

A couple weeks ago I was on Stephanie Howell's blog & she had some photos of great Christmas decorations.

I loved & fondly remembered these Christmas Light Reflectors.

I was inspired how to make something similar for the tree.

Here's what I came up with - I've added the photos again after the
tutorial since they didn't seem large enough to show the details. My version doesn't have the detail of the original but they share a similar nostalgic feel.
The Metallic Cardstock weight paper was purchased at Michael's in the cardmaking section. $2.99 a package before coupon. I also thought about using foil wrapping paper & adhering it to light weight chipboard. I can see doing lots more glitter too & maybe adding cut up pieces of tinsel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Working on Cards

Finally started working on my Christmas cards.

I thought I had bought a Hero Arts stamp set about a month ago at Archivers. The one with the loose shaped Christmas tree....(like the one pictured)

I had planned my design & went in my drawer & guess what...

I didn't buy it lol.

Now they are out of it & wouldn't be getting any more in.

So I'm sitting here looking for inspiration on blogs using the stamps I have.

Hope you have time to do something creative today...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Scrapbooking Room in Progress - part 3

Now for the last part of the tour.....

This shelf is also a very inexpensive one from Staples - I store paint, buttons, ribbon, books, magazines & sewing needs on this easy to access shelf.

Scrap storage is always a dilemma I've tried them all. Keeping them in a bin works best for me. I sometimes get the best inspiration from 2 unexpected papers/color combos just waiting in the box for me....

Now for the closet.... The woman who owned the house before us put "cubbies" in the closet because she was a quilter. The doors have seen better days & were always falling off so I hung a shower curtain to hide the clutter. I really didn't do a lot of organizing here yet. It's just sorted by like theme on each shelf for now.....

The Home Made "Clip it Up" type storage is made with a metal paper towel holder & page protectors. It holds an amazing amount of flat items & it's easy to page thru. Cost me $10

I have a metal shelf hanging outside the closet. It doesn't hold a lot but I put on fav rubber stamps. Hanging items with binder rings stretches the storage too. I have my bling, small rub-ons & small chipboard albums hanging on it.

Behind the door I have an over the door shoe caddy to hold my punches.

My Scrapbooking Room in Progress - part 2

OK - now continuing the tour....

These shelves are on the same wall as the dresser.

Now for the most important part of any scrap area... THE DESK

I had 3 of the Michael's cubes & this week my darling hubby bought me 3 more & a piece of finish grade wood for the top to make a desk. It's very useful & stores a lot

Inside the drawers I've stored my most used tools/supplies. It's not totally finished since I still have 2 empty drawers.

The workspace though not very deep is perfect for working on a layout. I like a longer table as my last workspace was a dining room table that was wide but not long. I can sew right where the machine is if it's just a quick seam around a layout & move it to the middle for a longer quilting session.

My Scrapbooking Room in Progress

You all know we've been moving furniture all week. Several have been asking to see photos of the scrapbooking/craft room in progress. I've got things put away enough that it's presentable.... "Ta-da" - the world premier of my own little creative space (it's not a showplace like many on 2peas but I'm tickled to death to have it) I love that it's not in the living area of the house. My hubby hung the shelves that run nearly the length of the wall. It's still got a ways to go but I'm able to use it & I SO ENJOY IT!

These first photos are just taken as I go around the room.

Now I've taken more photos & put captions under it so you can see more of the details.

The old dresser is really useful as a work surface & stores so much stuff. This is to the right of the desk so still easy to access supplies.

Here's a peak what's inside:

I'll break it up into multiple posts because blogger isn't always easy to keep photos together & lined up in....