Thursday, February 16, 2012

WRMK Sew Stamper Review

I LOVE the look of sewing on all my projects.  I use the sewing machine, hand stitch, and use stamps or rub-ons and even hand drawing to mimic the look.

I recently purchased the We R Memory Keepers Sew Stamper set from HSN here.  I already own the WRMK Sew Easy that perforates paper in different stitch patterns to easily add thread so I am familiar with & like the handle and interchanging stitch heads.

The Sew Stamper starter package comes with the handle & double straight stitch stamp.   The other stitch patterns are sold separately.  The set I purchased came with all that is pictured below.  Handle + 6 additional stamp heads.  I think this covers all the basic & decorative stitches I would want so I am pleased with the collection.

What You Get 

  • Sew Stamper tool with straight head
  • Cross Sew stamper head
  • Zig Zag Sew stamper head
  • Scallop Sew stamper head
  • Burst Sew stamper head
  • Blanket Sew stamper head
  • Hem Sew stamper head

Since each head has ink already inside it's important to keep it covered.  WRMK made that easy by designing a lid that slides away when in use....  This is super impressive to me as someone who easily misplaces things all the time in the chaos of creating - they usually show up again but why risk it right.  (sorry for the blurry photo I was trying out using the iphone 3gs camera instead of dragging out the big boy but you get the idea)

Trying the straight stitch stamp head on plain non textured cardstock.  There was a slight random dotting on the right side of the stamped images as I rolled it the first time (left side) so I did it again & adjusted the angle of handle/pressure slightly & the pretty much took care of the problem (right side).

Then I tried the cross stitch patterned stamp.  There was a slight discoloration on both edges as I rolled along the paper.  You can see how as I adjusted the angle of the handle a bit the marks changed position.  There's a fine line between just enough pressure for a good image & too much pressure with lots of extra marks.  The random marks don't bother me much since I like a "home made" and distressed look

I purchased this for mini books & mini book kits since stitching can be lumpy it's not always desirable but I didn't want to give up the stitch look.  This tool is going to be perfect for achieving that quickly & will great results.

Here is what the X stitch stamp looks like on a mixed media canvas that I was working on.

This picture shows the zig zag stamp head.  The top is a rub-on and the bottom is the WRMK stamp

Finally I love this large folky hand stitched scallop of this stamp.

This is a water based dye ink & it limits the use slightly.  I made the mistake of not looking before I leap so the faux stitches on the canvas pictured above were wiped off as they would not dry over Mod Podge layers & if I would have put more Mod Podge over them it would have reacted with the ink to smear ruining the piece... thankfully I called WRMK customer service when it wasn't drying to ask & they were super helpful.  So I just wiped off with a damp paper towel avoiding disaster.   This was my own fault for not checking before using & expecting it to do more than the product was designed to do.  If you are using on paper for cards, mini albums, scrapbook pages, etc it will work perfectly with no problems.

Ease of use getting that hand stitched look that I like
Ability to change the stitch head stamps quickly
Ink dries quickly on PAPER
Very economical compared to rub-ons with similar results
Fast to use - in the past I drew my own "faux stitches" with a fine tip marker this was a little time consuming.

Slight marks show up when rolling depending on the pressure/angle but this lessens once you get the hang of using it.
Waterbased dye ink only limits applications

WRMK makes some of my favorite tools (Crop-A-Dile, Brad Setter, Corner Chomper, & Sew Easy).  The Sew Stamper is now added to that list.  I loved the hand stitched look of the length of stitches & it gives me the ability to have a stitched look without the bulk of thread.  I love that the lid is attached so it will not get lost.  It is economical compared to rub-ons since the head can be used over and over again.  It was super easy to change heads.   No more hand drawing my own "faux stitches" this is so much faster & easier with a more even look.  I would recommend this tool to any of my friends and blog readers - 2 crafty thumbs up

Disclaimer - I was in no way compensated for this review or was given this or any other product from WRMK for free at the time of this blog post.  I'm a consumer & these are my honest thoughts on the product.