Friday, November 11, 2011

2 Mini Kits at EMI

Here are 2 mini books that I designed and pre cut kits are available for sale at EMI Scrapbooking.

First is a 8x8 Halloween mini using last years Teresa Collins Spooktacular line (her stuff never goes out of style - I still adore the kitchen & family one she did years ago).  It's got a classic look & filled with canvas & other fabric

The other is perfect for all the random photos that we take of little ones.... using some sweet My Mind's Eye papers & diecuts

Speaking of EMI they are hosting a super crop tomorrow at the Holiday Inn in Cumming GA from 10 am to 10 pm.  There will be make and takes & lots of prizes.  Last CHA we had all the "celebrity" scrapbook industry people sign a tag to attach to some goodies from them  (some names are Teresa Collins of course lol, Jenni Bowlin, & Tim Holtz to name just a few).  There are still a few spots open so it's not too late to sign up and join in the fun.  Call the store at 770-888-2417 see you there! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Favorite Product Lines & more Mini Kits for sale

It's the time of the year when we have so many fantastic new lines to create with.  I have a hard time limiting myself as so many are "calling my name"....

I am totally crazy about the Studio Calico Mr Huey spray inks.  I love them so much!  For me they are more versatile than Glimmer Mist since I have guys in my life glitter isn't very masculine in their opinion at least... shhh don't tell them I sneak shimmer goodness on their pages every once in a while.  But Mr. Huey's allow me to use spray ink on all my projects. 

My favorite of all is the opaque white it's perfect for misting then journaling over

I love the colors of Studio Calico's Memoir line... the perfect blue, some golden yellow & cream are catching my eye right now & of course look great with kraft paper
 and everyone knows how I am about my die cut ledger paper (or any ledger paper for that matter & SC never lets me down since they include one in most of the lines)
 They also have die cut geometric full sheets that can be used on a project or even saved and used as an inexpensive stencil

Another company I was very surprised I would like as much as I do.  When Susan from EMI Scrapbooking forwarded me a link with a sneak peak of Simple Stories I like it because it had lots of journaling & title cards but they showed it in the individual plastic pockets which I think is great for others but not really my style.  So when I saw it in person I was very excited about all the possibilities.  The lines are very well thought out & make great mini albums.

I loved the soft colors of their baby line that can easily be used for either a boy or girl.  It's a very budget friendly company but they sure don't skimp on quality or style

 Look at all those tiny type style letters on that sheet - it was a must have

Super cute images to embellish & add style

Here's a mini kit I made using it that is for sale at EMI Scrapbooking online and in store here

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'M back.... My blog has been MIA

I know a lot of you noticed (even before I did since I was on vacation in Destin FL) that my blog was MIA.  I had thought my son had paid the Go Daddy bill (since he owes me money each month for cell phones it's how we trade off) but even after forwarding 2 notices my normally super responsible son picks this moment to act more like his younger brother & forget to pay it..... 

Well someone bought my domain name.  His name is Anthony & he lives in England.  He was very cooperative in allowing me to purchase it back (making a tidy profit without gouging me TOO badly).  But the big problems came with trying to get all his forwarding codes out of the Go Daddy sight and put mine in to send people to my blog.  It was so easy when I attached the domain to the blog in the first place I remember 2 clicks and it did it for me.  Not so easy undoing his forwarding for someone like me though.  Anthony was sweet in responding to my emails and trying to walk me thru how to tech articles (which sounded like gibberish to my mind).  Topping it off I only had internet if I went to the club house during their business hours (they shut it off when they weren't open) it was a slow connection to boot and the changes I would make on go daddy would take over an hour to show up so the back and forth was making me even more crazy).  My Mom learned fast not to push my buttons when I'm having computer problems lol.... sorry Mom for snapping.

I couldn't even make my blog a free blog again at that point because either I'm not tech savvy enough (most likely that answer) or it was in an endless limbo.  Regardless if I didn't get the domain back I read I would loose everything from the past 2 yrs and have to repost.  Not an option so that's why I bought it back.

Andrew was my savior last night logging into email, blogger, go daddy in multi tabs and copy/pasting codes, website names, and who knows what else but I AM BACK!!!!!

Lesson learned that even only I will pay for domain in the future to make sure it's done.

The vacation was AMAZING.  I'm so thankful to have spent time with both of my parents alone and to top it off in such a beautiful place.  Destin Florida is so wonderful. 

Sun is not my friend with lupus it makes me burn even worse than normal with my Casper the Ghost skin.  I loved walking on the beach early in the morning watching the sun rise & water sparkle.  The lighting was amazing on the water & I would come back each day with a camera full to capacity of photos. 

The sea birds were so unafraid of people and would walk along with me at the waters edge.

We were only supposed to stay a week then Mom got the ok from Dad's cousin to stay a second week.  Only problem was Dad had to go back to home so Mom & I stayed without a car (that was interesting NOT... why is it when you can't do something the desire to do it becomes almost overwhelming lol I needed more groceries for sure and was ready to ride on the little 3 wheel scooter Mom gets around on down there).  One night we were raiding what was in the pantry for dinner and came up with generic mac & cheese (without butter since we ran out) and Van de Camps Chunk Light Tuna (WARNING NEVER BUY THIS IT LOOKS LIKE THE LOWEST QUALITY CAT FOOD YOU HAVE EVER SEEN) once prepared & mixed together it almost looked hairy because the tuna was just mush (not even one chunk of put together fish like you usually see) and the taste was so disgusting we were tasting it for hours even after brushing teeth & mouth wash lol.

Destin has very little restaurant delivery places.  Wednesday I was so desperate I found a mom & pop type pizza place with good reviews.  It was OK (better than the only other choice which was Domino Pizza yuck)  and the chinese place had horrible reviews so we stayed clear of that one.  You would think that such a busy tourist place with every restaurant known to man would have delivery..... I would love to open up a business down there delivering food.... make good money & be able to live the good life in paradise.

Thankfully my son Andrew came to pick us up and was able to stay 1-1/2 days (too bad his job is so busy since he loved the beach .... but we'll be going back).  Andrew arrived at night with Chick fil A in hand (they were the best sandwiches EVER)

Sunday morning before leaving Andrew & I walked the beach at sunrise

Well that's all for now blogger photo loader is acting wonky

I have lots of mini book kits to create & cleaning to do (my guys left me quite a mess being gone so long) so I have to nudge the dogs off my feet (they are literally sleeping on them) & leave the computer to get busy.

EMI Scrapbooking is getting in all the newest & best product lines with several shipments a week being delivered by our trusty "Mr. Brown" aka UPS guy.  So if you are local make a trip up there and you sure will not leave empty handed.  If you aren't local Susan sells all the latest & greatest on her online ebay store & ships world wide quick as lightening.  Check it out here.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

CHA Summer 2011

CHA was great!  Lots of fantastic new products coming out.... EMI Scrapbooking will be filled to the gills with gorgeous goodies.

The show was much smaller than in past years... literally most of the companies downsized their booths & some (Basic Grey) didn't even participate in the show.  I hope that it's just companies spending their money wisely and not a bigger decline in the industry itself. 

My video skills were sorely lacking & looking at the booths that I did shoot I think you would get motion sickness if I posted them.  So I'm practicing for next time.... In the mean time Amy Coon posted some great videos of the show & you can view them at the Paperlife blog.

As for photos... Susan the owner of EMI Scrapbooking really enjoys taking pictures of all the new products and samples in each booth.  I think final count was over 2000 for the 3 day show.  She has posted some on the blog already & promised to give each of us in the group CDs with all the images.

Now for a few highlights.  *(I have to say it was impossible to pick a favorite because I loved so many of them)*

Jenni Bowlin has always been a favorite of mine.  I LOVE her Bingo cards & embellishments.  She knocked it out of the park this time with LOADS of new embellishments & DOUBLE SIDED thicker paper!
This is some of the embellishments & samples for the halloween line

Her booth is gorgeous with so many creative ways to store things & display

I adore Stephanie Howell & loved seeing her sample creations... yep they are even better in person.

Jenni is THE NICEST person & spent lots of time with us while we were in the booth.  I can't wait to create with these products....

Pink Paislee's booth was one of those that was much smaller than prior shows.  The lines they introduced included the final House of 3 Halloween & they expanded on the Mistables with Tattered Angels.

Nantucket was my favorite & it  is a beautiful beach line. 

I can't wait to take photos at the beach for a mini book & layouts using Nantucket.

Keep checking the EMI Blog for more photos & I'll post more of my favorites.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off To CHA.....

The EMI Scrapbooking girls are off to Chicago to see all the new products & order the best for the store.  We'll be posting lots of photos on the store blog.  I'm taking along my new flip cam & hoping to post some youtube videos too.... keep your fingers crossed lol.

Studio Calico Travel Mini Kit

Studio Calico lines always have a touch of fun & funky added.  This line was filled with paper that had lots of images to fussy cut for embellishments.

Sorry didn't have time to edit the photos.... so I hope you don't get a crick in your neck lol... it's just the first cover page.

This limited edition kit is available at EMI Scrapbooking online & in the store.