Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome Auntie

Things have been hectic with family lately..... My aunt moved in with us at the end of July.  She's had some health problems the past couple years.

To brighten up her room & make her feel welcome I made this banner for her.

 Made mostly with Crate Paper's Paper Heart collection.  It was 2012 "valentine theme" line but I found it so versatile and used it for so many projects.... mixed media canvases, art journals, mini albums, lots of layouts, and some of the prettiest cards ever.  I just love the colors and lots of smaller prints/patterns. 

The Jenni Bowlin Home bingo card was just the perfect addition.

I cut the tags and letters with my Cricut Expression.  
The doilies came from the grocery store (I always have them on hand)
Adding layered flowers and a bit of twine in a loose bow
The tags are threaded and tied to inexpensive Ofray ribbon


Auntie needs a bit of help now due to illnesses so we put in a stair lift which our cat PPK (Pom Pom Kitty named after his favorite toy lol that name is way to feminine for a boy kitty but he didn't like DJ which was his name when we adopted him.... he likes PPK) likes to ride up and down on too.  That's his Christmas antlers photo shoot... he's not too happy with me

He even has a YouTube video here.

She needs oxygen to breath... these are her tanks when we are on the go.  The small tanks went back since they didn't last long enough the big ones only last 1-1/2 hrs each.  She has a big plug in concentrator for use in the house.  It's a bit noisy but we're used to it.

Her dog Bella moved down at the end of May while Auntie was recovering in the hospital & nursing home

I couldn't resist a dress since she's a little dog I thought she would like it.... she tolerates it at best.  This a spaghetti strap "trashy rocker chic" number that Bret Michaels designs for Petsmart... Yes the "Every Rose Has it's Thorn" Bret Michaels from Poison.  Who would have thought.

 Koda happily claimed Bella's Martha Stewart Pets bed for "allowing" Bella to move in.  It was ok with Bell since she didn't like it anyway.... but don't tell Koda

Rosie is our wild woman who thinks she is the "hall monitor" (remember in school they thought they had all the power & it went to their heads... well that's Rosie for sure) making sure all the critters are not getting into trouble.  The problem with that is that SHE usually gets into trouble for getting involved.  

Then we have Poppy.... she is the most sensitive sweet dog ever.  Nothing makes her happier than watching something on TV with animals in it.  It doesn't matter if it's real life, movie where a zebra can talk, or even a cartoon... she is all in.  She thinks she's a little girl and loves to lay on the bed with her head on a pillow & will even slide between the covers to tuck herself in on a chilly night lol I'm not kidding.... if I didn't see it I would be shaking my head like I'm sure you are saying "yay right" but she really does it.

This is her pile of "babies" (no stuffing stuffed animals) that have to be brought up on the bed each night or she sits next to the bed crying and beating her wagging tail against the wall until they are all settled in for the night.  She's a good "mommy" to "skinny baby coon" the raccoon, "no butt baby coon" that Bella destroyed in 2.2 seconds so he literally lost the bottom half of him, "foxy baby", etc.  Yes all their names have "baby" in them.  The pile got even bigger after Christmas as their stockings had a couple more in them.

The critters are the best.  They always bring a smile.  

It feels like we are always going to the doctors for something between the two of us "sicky's..... I've learned to take each day as it comes. 

So this is life right now.........