Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Rest of My Saturday Scrapping

My kitty had to get in on the playtime.....

That is DJ - (a.k.a Pom Pom Kitty because his favorite toy is pom poms from the craft strore) He will sit on my lap every time I am at the computer.... A couple years ago he broke our new printer by pulling a spring out - even Epson couldn't figure out how he did that one

I tried my hand at hidden journaling. On the back of a plastic tag in an envelope I wrote with a Slick Writer pen then slid it back into velum envelope. I liked the colors in this design - they were all in my son's outfit. Andrew at that age was so funny. We were "freaking out" because he didn't crawl - he would get up and rock then lay down and either drag himself or roll across the floor. The doctor wasn't concerned but as first time parents we weren't so sure. His poor cheeks were always red from the carpet.

This is a very special photo to me. My "Grumpy" (grandfather) as he was leaving to fly back home to Pittsburgh from Omaha. When we lived in Pittsburgh I was glued to him spending most of my day by his side. He was a piano player so worked in the evenings and that left all his daytime for me! I loved the way this page turned out. I used white chalk to stamp on the Bazzill to make it blend in with the Basic Grey - Two Scoops paper. The pattern on the paper in the border is a spot on match for the pattern in my jacket. Of course I used more Thickers - they are great! The hat I am wearing is what he bought me at the airport. I wore it for weeks after that!

I Had a Very Scrappy Saturday!


Hope you are having a blessed Sunday.

I spent most of Saturday scrapping and making up for last week of feeling so bad and doing NOTHING!

I tried some new stuff and was happy with the results. I love those "thickers" chipboard letter stickers. I used them everywhere!

When I was at Hobby Lobby milling around killing time before a doctor appointment looking for something like "Magic Mesh" and I saw plastic canvas on sale for 4 for $1 and thought that would be great on some of my boy pages so I picked up several colors to give it a try. It turned out great on the page I did of my boys in the tub. Had a little trouble securing it since I was out of my Herma glue so I hand stitched the edges with regular thread which worked.

I like scrapping all the different eras at the same time. It might drive some crazy but it challenges me and I don't keep with any color theme in each scrapbook - I just do what is right for the photos I am using on that page. That's what makes me happy and what I like.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a good one!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Scrapping Friday

Haven't been doing much scrapbooking this week. Today I managed to complete 4 pages. My hubby is working tomorrow so I guess I'll try to do a couple more.

Trying to do a little organization every Friday. I'm so inspired by many of the Peas posting their amazing rooms and ideas. One day I'll have a room back but until then my goal is to hide or make less of an eyesore my area in the dining room. I know it can be done but it looks like I'll have to spend a little more than I want to right now to get it more hidden. I have quite a bit of supplies and my working style is to have everything in sight but I really don't like that in a common area so I am still brain storming what will work best for me. Our house was built in teh 50's so that means very little closet space so that's not an option and our laundry room isn't climate controlled so I can't store much in there. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

I worked on organizing my ribbons today. Started out using the foam board in the boxes I bought on clearance at Staples a couple months ago then ended up using the clothes pins in the jars for the rest until I ran out of clothes pins. Guess I'll finish in a day or two. Thank you Patter Cross for your suggestions and encouragement to me with organinzing and scrapbooking.

Anyone in the Atlanta area check out this link for an upcoming crop! I can't wait.

Have a blessed day!


Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry haven't posted in SO LONG! I'm finally feeling better.

The weather here in Atlanta area has been so crazy. I am praying for those who lost so much or were injured in the storms/tornados that came thru here over the weekend. It is just horrible the damage. The one that hit right downtown did so much damage to famous buildings - so I'm sure you all have seen it on the news.

I have to say that the Buford Staples store is awesome! I had went to the Duluth Staples a couple months ago and wanted a HP printer and told the salesman what I wanted to do. He directed me to a Brother. It had a phone which was nice because we were going to buy a separtate cordless phone. I brought it home and the photo printing was dreadful (I sound like Simon on AI) but it really was. I tried to like it and finally when I was up at the Buford Staples buying some storage items I asked their sales staff it I had a dud or that was the way the printer worked. The woman told me to bring back the printer then next day and it would be swapped for an HP Photosmart C7280 All in One. She said I should have never been sold that printer to do photo/scrapbooking. I was there the next day and am SO PLEASED with this printer. It has the extra ink color so the photo color is so vibrant! I would tell anyone that this is a great printer. Thank you Buford Staples for standing behind your sales and providing excellent customer service!
I've worked on a couple of pages this last week and my style is evolving. I guess that is good but I'm still always going to be "me" & only follow the trends that I like. One that I'm not too fond of right now is the "wings" and "crowns" I just don't get it so don't expect to see any on my pages.

I'm still posting most of my layouts on TWOPEAS but I started putting a few on and those people are so nice and I received many comments on all the designs I posted. I don't know why but it really brightens my day when I get a little praise on a layout. "Peas" seems to be a little click-ish and only praise the most popular. I'm hanging in there with them as I love the site design & hope that my "pea praising" everyone will be contagious and others will take the time to do it too!

Have a good one and take the time to support your fellow scrappers with a little praise today!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I thought I was finally feeling better and yesterday evening started feeling worse again. These kidneys are really getting me down. Thanks for everyones prayers and thoughtfulness.

Other sad news for our family:
I worked on a digital LO for my dad as his brother's wife passed away (didn't want anyone to get confused with the other sick aunt that many have been praying for). She had cancer for quite a long time. LO posted above - the photo isn't that great but it's a special memory for my dad. The brothers don't get together in person very often as the physical distance is great (GA, Alaska, PA) but they talk often and are very close that way..... Dad asked me to make a card for each of them using the photo - I am working on that for him now.