Friday, March 28, 2008

Scrapping Friday

Haven't been doing much scrapbooking this week. Today I managed to complete 4 pages. My hubby is working tomorrow so I guess I'll try to do a couple more.

Trying to do a little organization every Friday. I'm so inspired by many of the Peas posting their amazing rooms and ideas. One day I'll have a room back but until then my goal is to hide or make less of an eyesore my area in the dining room. I know it can be done but it looks like I'll have to spend a little more than I want to right now to get it more hidden. I have quite a bit of supplies and my working style is to have everything in sight but I really don't like that in a common area so I am still brain storming what will work best for me. Our house was built in teh 50's so that means very little closet space so that's not an option and our laundry room isn't climate controlled so I can't store much in there. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

I worked on organizing my ribbons today. Started out using the foam board in the boxes I bought on clearance at Staples a couple months ago then ended up using the clothes pins in the jars for the rest until I ran out of clothes pins. Guess I'll finish in a day or two. Thank you Patter Cross for your suggestions and encouragement to me with organinzing and scrapbooking.

Anyone in the Atlanta area check out this link for an upcoming crop! I can't wait.

Have a blessed day!


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