Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry haven't posted in SO LONG! I'm finally feeling better.

The weather here in Atlanta area has been so crazy. I am praying for those who lost so much or were injured in the storms/tornados that came thru here over the weekend. It is just horrible the damage. The one that hit right downtown did so much damage to famous buildings - so I'm sure you all have seen it on the news.

I have to say that the Buford Staples store is awesome! I had went to the Duluth Staples a couple months ago and wanted a HP printer and told the salesman what I wanted to do. He directed me to a Brother. It had a phone which was nice because we were going to buy a separtate cordless phone. I brought it home and the photo printing was dreadful (I sound like Simon on AI) but it really was. I tried to like it and finally when I was up at the Buford Staples buying some storage items I asked their sales staff it I had a dud or that was the way the printer worked. The woman told me to bring back the printer then next day and it would be swapped for an HP Photosmart C7280 All in One. She said I should have never been sold that printer to do photo/scrapbooking. I was there the next day and am SO PLEASED with this printer. It has the extra ink color so the photo color is so vibrant! I would tell anyone that this is a great printer. Thank you Buford Staples for standing behind your sales and providing excellent customer service!
I've worked on a couple of pages this last week and my style is evolving. I guess that is good but I'm still always going to be "me" & only follow the trends that I like. One that I'm not too fond of right now is the "wings" and "crowns" I just don't get it so don't expect to see any on my pages.

I'm still posting most of my layouts on TWOPEAS but I started putting a few on and those people are so nice and I received many comments on all the designs I posted. I don't know why but it really brightens my day when I get a little praise on a layout. "Peas" seems to be a little click-ish and only praise the most popular. I'm hanging in there with them as I love the site design & hope that my "pea praising" everyone will be contagious and others will take the time to do it too!

Have a good one and take the time to support your fellow scrappers with a little praise today!

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