Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Light Reflectors

A couple weeks ago I was on Stephanie Howell's blog & she had some photos of great Christmas decorations.

I loved & fondly remembered these Christmas Light Reflectors.

I was inspired how to make something similar for the tree.

Here's what I came up with - I've added the photos again after the
tutorial since they didn't seem large enough to show the details. My version doesn't have the detail of the original but they share a similar nostalgic feel.
The Metallic Cardstock weight paper was purchased at Michael's in the cardmaking section. $2.99 a package before coupon. I also thought about using foil wrapping paper & adhering it to light weight chipboard. I can see doing lots more glitter too & maybe adding cut up pieces of tinsel.


Stacy Cohen said...

Very cool! I'll have to try making these.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I'm old enough to remember these, too. They are especially good for the new LED lights, since they don't disperse the light very much. I'm making cheap ones out of "aluminum" muffin cups!