Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We're finally getting the house back in order & I've even been creating in my new scrap room. Everything isn't put away but it's already so much more organized than what I had before. My hubby hung 2 shelves that run the length of one wall to hold a ton of stuff. Along with the desk & closet - everything has a place. I'll be posting photos when everything is finally done so I can brag on my hubby's handwork.
Here's a couple layouts I did this week. I've had so much fun working with old photos of my parents. Here's their prom & my dad's graduation from college.
Love the new Webster's Pages lines. Their website is really great - check it out

Looking at the graduation one photographed I almost feel like it's missing something..... what do you think?

Having the computer back and running is like restoring a life line. I felt so disconnected from the world while it was being moved. The wireless internet connection is even faster in the new location - so another plus for moving things around.

We will start putting up the tree & other Christmas decorations tomorrow since I'm not one to go out & shop. I would like a new Cricut cart from Joann's but not keen on the crowds...
Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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