Monday, November 24, 2008

Musical "rooms" - Moving Furniture

Well we are in the process of moving furniture all around the house.... & I'm getting back my scrap/craft room!

My younger son moved out last week - he was hardly home anyway with school & work but it's still hard to think my "baby" (who is 20) is on his own.

So instead of me just moving into his room with my stuff which would have been easier.... my older son moved his stuff into that room (it has a better layout) & I got to go back into the room that was my scrap room before I was booted this time last year..

I have the best hubby in the world!!! He went to Michael's to buy a couple more of the storage cubes & then to Lowes for a piece of wood - Now I have a useful desk (instead of that big old dining room table that didn't give me a lot of working space. Wednesday he will hang 2 shelves going the entire length of the wall so I will be organized!!!!!

It sure feels good to be back in there. I actually already worked on 2 layouts & some ATC cards for my monthly swap last night. I spent the day organizing & purging paper & supplies. I will post some photos when the shelves are up & everything is in place.

Then the den off the kitchen which I was using as a scrap room/office will now be the dining room and the small dining area off the living room will be the office (that will force me to really keep up with the paper & clutter)

I guess all this organizing is contagious because my hubby is out in the garage right now cleaning, purging, organizing HIS SPACE.

I guess it's not the most fun way to spend vacation time off of work but It'll be like having a new house when we're finished this week.

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Lily said...

congrats on getting your own space back