Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday... yes I actually shopped

I never go shopping on Black Friday....

I don't even look at the newspaper but at my parents' house yesterday they had the newspaper sitting on the counter so I glanced at it.....

Looking at the Michael's flyer I GASPED.... yep out loud my mom thought something was wrong with me...... But I was just excited by the price of the Cricut carts! AND they were open & having a good sale on Thanksgiving night....

After dinner my darling hubby took me over there & bought me the Christmas one & a Calligraphy font (he wants to do something for the Harley with that one)
You can't beat $27+/- for a cartridge. I also got a couple big spools of green ribbon for Christmas cards in the $1 bin - with the extra 20% off coupon they cost $0.80 each!

So in addition to pre-black friday I went out ON black Friday...
The local yarn shop had their yearly big sale that my mom was dying to go to (she's not an early bird but set her clock for that one - thankfully it wasn't too early). Since her health problems she really is knitting up a storm and is even selling her creations faster than she can create them. She left the store with a huge shopping bag filled with gorgeous yarn + my 3 skeins (lol). I love to knit when I'm watching TV - but it always takes a 2nd place to scrapbooking.

After a wonderful breakfast at Ihop we went up to Archivers for some good deals.
Autumn Leaves buttons (big bag) $1.99 - you know me and my buttons...

To top off my selfish shopping weekend I want to head up to my LSS
she is having the once a year 50% off sale Saturday only!
I haven't been going to this store long enough to have experienced this but I've heard it's a must not miss...... we'll see if hubby lets me do any more damage lol


A couple days late.... I was so lost without the computer for a couple days...

I'm taking advantage of the talent out there & sending you to sites you may have missed out there....

With the holiday none of us had time to work on anything anyway... right?
Next week things will settle down a little & we can get back to finishing up our Christmas cards, gifts & decorating.....

For my holiday inspiration.... I'm sending you to the blog of an amazing talent.....

I saw this beautiful card that is sure to inspire.
The blog is also a must return to with: endless supply of great links, eye-candy & beautiful inspiration.

For my Technique Challenge

We're all trying to stretch our budgets so a great way to do that is to make our old products look "fresh" & new.

Stamps are already very versitile since you can use then over & over, change the color to meet your needs & apply different techniques to change the finished look.

Noell at Paperclipping takes that even further on her free weekly video.
Using an old favorite stamp in a different way.

After watching the video you will be inspired & never look at your stamps the same way again....

Thanks Noell for doing the work for me on this one... great ideas I had to pass on.

Those of you who aren't paperclipping regulars - you don't know what you are missing!
Noell & her hubby have made a wonderful site filled with inspiration, live weekly scrapbook show, free weekly tutorials, gallery/forum & much more.


On the paperclipping topic I have a TOOT
(this is a biggie for me since is a favorite scrapbooking site of mine)

I was selected the paperclipping challenge winner of the month for October

With that I have the honor of being spotlighted on the paperclipping forum.

I have learned so much about design & color concepts from Noell. I really think the quality of my layouts has improved since watching the videos & life weekly live shows. Not to mention how much fun we have with live chat during the show.

I encourage you to set aside Tuesdays at 8:30 pm eastern time & join in the fun.

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