Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Holiday Inspiration

It's been a busy week here with doctor appointments & finally having a little energy to clean up the house.

I did manage to stop at Hobby Lobby to buy a skein of fishermans yarn for the Lucy Bag I'm knitting with my coupon & found these amazing STEALS.
The heart punch was $1.99/regular $19.99.
I had never bought the EK Fastener before since it was way too expensive at $24.99 (even with 40% off coupon there was always something else to spend money on instead) but at $4.99 I couldn't resist!
I also picked up a bunch of lace trim for $0.59 a yard & a bunch of rubber stamps for less than $2 for huge background size!
I was tickled to death leaving there with my "booty"

I was slacky with my holiday ispiration over at Sassy.... I just passed on some great inspiration from others. (Theirs is better than mine anyway)

Check out the post

Other than that I'm still working on my Stories in Hand album & writing, writing, writing....

Here's a photo of the album so far.

I still have to add embellishments & ribbon.


~Melissa~ said...

Holy cow! Those ARE awesome steals! Might have to go back to mine and poke around :)

Lily said...