Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowy Sunday in Atlanta

I love snow & living in the south usually get one little snowfall a year.

This year we didn't get any & the weather has been warm so what a treat to get a BIG (by our standards) snowstorm in March.

It was very pretty. Huge wet snowflakes perfect for snowballs because it clumped with no effort. The snow was falling so fast at times & even though the ground had been warm it piled up not just on the trees.
My point & shoot camera didn't know what to focus on so it blurred the large flakes looking more like rain or sleet but trust me it's snow.


Hummie said...

How funny that you got snow down south and we did not get it this time! I have a few good friends that live down there in Atlanta and I keep threatening to come visit them some day!

Sarah said...

Enjoy your snow!! You can have it---we've had enough here!!!

BethieJ said...

I agree you have FUN with your snow.. but keep it there.. we have had enough here in Wa.!! LOL! LOVED your friend LO below too!!
have a GREAT day!

Aimee said...

Glad you're enjoying it but we've had plenty of snow this winter! Don't sent it my way!

Shirley said...

It must be really fun to get snow in the south! The comment from Aimee was really me! I'm on my dd's computer! ooops! lol!