Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stay at Home Weekend


I'm having one of my nights - still sick with a cold on top of a sinus infection and it's settling in my chest! I can't lay down without coughing..... so I'm up at the computer leaving "pea praise" for my fellow scrappers....

I've counted lots of birds the last couple days. The bluebirds are crazy - getting ready for nesting season soon. We have a bush that they all gather in - it's almost like they are decorating it there are so many of them. I'm going to try again to get a picture. I need to get the old 35 mm camera out (and have it cleaned). It has a huge telephoto lens. I like the digital but nothing beats my old camera I got for Christmas back when I was 16. All the settings were manual but it took the best photos!

I worked on 5 pages today - I'm getting faster. DS was at the computer and I was at the table. We bond while doing separate things as long as we're in the same room..... Still jumping around in all different eras. Sorry for the poor/dark photos but the flash was glaring on the photos. I was really pleased with the way this years Christmas pages turned out. I kept it simple since I was using so many photos and the title stickers were $1 at Walmart before Christmas and they really worked on the layout.
I've been neglecting my quilting habit so I decided to try to "quilt" a little on the LO of DS that is titled "TWO Fun". I was pleased with how it turned out but learned as I was going. I would applique each section separate because I had to bend the 12x12 some as I was stitching around each letter - this is ok for fabric but paper isn't as forgiving.... I will keep practicing this style layout.
I am going to be working on a bunch of pictures from our time at Piney Point when I was young. My grandfather, Ed Horgan, was a piano player and one of his jobs was at the Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship in Piney Point MD. I have such fond memories of the place and the people and can't wait to preserve the memory.
Well, Bob our German Shepherd wants to go to bed so I'm going to take some more cough medicine and try to rest.....

Have a blessed Sunday!

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