Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I've really been in the scrapbooking groove. Not so much digital that I have been doing about 25% but since finding the stores around here my creativity continues to be sparked and I'm scrapping away....

Here's a couple and I've uploaded a bunch on my twopeas albums - check it out if you'd like. Give me some hints or love.....
Here's my list of thing I couldn't do without to scrapbook right now:
  1. Bo Bunny dotted double side cardstock (great tone on tone colors especially the black)
  2. Making Memories 12x12 diecut paper (you can use them full or cut up for multi layouts)
  3. Dew Drops Versa Magic chalk inks (just love dragging them on the paper looks great)
  4. Prima flowers
  5. Chipboard
  6. Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons
  7. Clear Stamps
  8. My little blue Herma dot dispenser - I don't care for the squares
  9. slick crafty mat that nothing sticks to (bought for quilting but works great for everything)
  10. Cropper Hopper sticker binder
  11. Making Memories Purple tote (I take what I need in style to the Archiver store) I didn't think it was a great color when I bought it but for 75% off couldn't resist but it's grown on me
  12. Tweezers - with the RA in my hands it helps me pick up everything
  13. Making Memories Ribbon glue
  14. THE SILENT SETTER - allows me to use brads anytime day or night (without waking the DH & rest of family) and put holes anywhere! Great product
  15. Corner nippers

For digital scrapbooking I have the Photoshop CS2 and love it! I spend time each day looking for freebie treasures on the web! There are some great designers out there and hope to become one soon myself (well maybe not great but a designer at least)....
That's all for now. Have a great one.

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Just Me :) said...

I just found your blog through the twopeas website. I go there often to get inspired. :) Your layouts are great!! I'll be back. :)