Monday, May 19, 2008

Wow I have been a horrible blogger haven't I

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted on my blog. It's not that I haven't been on the computer it's just I've been lazy about posting here. I know there's not too many that are reading it but still that's very slacky of me...

NSD or should I say NSW (weekend) was a blast!

ACRYLIC ALBUM SUPPLIES: Went to Archivers on Friday morning before my doctor appointment and made a border, card, flowers, acrylic painted star, and got a lot of great ideas. I saw an acrylic album there made out of clear overlay page that was cut into 1/4ths and it was beautiful! I didn't think it would be sturdy but it was. I picked out some supplies (see photo left) to make my own. It's still in the ziploc and I am going to work on it soon. I am going to make myself. After doctors appointments I came home and started working on some pages. I stopped at Michaels and got 2 Martha Stewart punches that were on sale for 50% off. They are very nice quality punches and I got a raincheck for the doily one too.


Since my hubby went out of town on Friday night I stayed up very late and then Saturday didn't even get out of my PJ's. I destroyed my work area with all the frenzy of scrapping! But I think I did some of my best pages yet.

Noell from Paperclipping told me in a post on my fake FRED posting on 2 peas that she was giving away 2 of them that weekend so boy did I go to town cranking out the pages. I also checked out her live shows and Terri's show at They were all great! I won a stamp from Terri.... THANK YOU AGAIN! I didn't win a FRED but I sure had fun participating. Dedra Long had some great mini book ideas and I plan to venture into that also. They are a great group of amazing artistic women.

For mother's day I made my mom 2 different pages of old photos of my parents together and gave her a 12x12 frame to put one in. She really liked it. I forgot to take photos of the pages for my gallery so I will have to do that soon. One of the photos was a black and white one taken before they were married. Neither of them even remembered the photo. It was a nice get together of the family also. With all the kids (except Stephanie - but she sent me a cute card), my parents, and sister Karen.

Unfortunately Bob got sick his throat was swollen and then he couldn't even bark. The vet did some testing and has now found he has malignant lymphoma. I am so sad but the vet and my son (who is a tech) says that is a good treatable senario. So they gave him prednesone and he is doing better now and eating. Treatment will start this week and hopefully it will work.

It's been raining regularly here and the plants/flowers are beautiful. All the roses are blooming. Even the ones that were planted by the woman who owned the house before us. I call them Leota's roses. They are like a rambling rose and I will cut them back right after blooming. I love this time of year in the garden I just wish I had more energy to do what I want to do.

Anyway this last Saturday I rode on the Harley for a short ride. It was our anniversary, 22 years, wow. Charley even stopped up at Archivers since it was on the way to the Harley store. so I could buy some Stickles and Diamond Glaze. We had lunch and then came home. I just can't ride very far with my back being out. Hopefully PT will help it more this week since we are going to a Harley party in Alabama this coming Saturday to get away for a day or so. I worry about leaving Bob but Andrew will be here and it's only overnight. Check out this dog we saw at the Harley store - her name is Ellie and she has a "seat" that she is strapped into on the back of a touring Harley and her owner put goggles on her - too cute she shows her teeth and looks like she is smiling....

Well that catches you up to now - if you can follow my scattered train of thought..... I'm not re-reading so it is what it is...

This is the first page I've done since NSD. My beautiful Grami.

Have a blessed day!

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SamanthaScraps said...

Glad to see a post again. I check yours regularly because you find such great things!!