Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knockoff Version of F.R.E.D.

Saw this podcast a while back showing a vertical workspace called F.R.E.D. Loved the idea and had to have one. DH said not right now..... so that got me thinking of what I could use since I had to have one NOW!

I had a cookbook stand and a magnetic dry erase board with a couple magnets. Target still sells these for about $21 for both but I'm sure you could find it cheaper shopping around. I snagged some magnets on clearance at my favorite Staples in Buford GA for $0.99+tax and I HAD A SUZ'S VERSION OF F.R.E.D. that will work for me. I even packed it up for a crop and it's not as portable as the original but for $1.05 out of pocket it works for me!

Hope I've given you some ideas on using stuff around your house to fit your needs for scrapbooking. If only I could come up with something on my own that others would knock off to fund my growing scrapbook addiction...... well I'll keep thinking.


SamanthaScraps said...

That is awesome!! I really like that. Maybe since your DH said you had to wait you could get him to make a wooden stand for you magnet board. Hint Hint.

I love it Love It!! Always so creative. I may showcase this later on, on my site, that is if you let me!

Also, how are those papers you got working out? I'm anxious to see!

SamanthaScraps said...

Also Paperclipping is giving away 2 FREDS on Saturday!! so maybe you could get lucky again and win that! Check It Out!!