Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Sad Day Here

Our dear old german shepherd BOB passed away. I am really saddened by this since he was constantly with me when so many times I am stuck away in this old house with my health problems. I am thankful that he didn't have to suffer with that old cancer but I sure wasn't ready to lose him or expect it as he went very quick. That is a blessing but it's also so hard. I know many would say it's just a dog but he was way more than that - he was a dear member of our family.

Bob came to us as a rescue. He had heartworm and was going to be put to sleep when my son Andrew who works at Dekalb Animal Hospital fell in love with him and paid out of his salary to treat him. Bob always seemed so happy to finally be in a home and he is famous in our new neighborhood where people would see us walking and they knew Bob by name but not us.... this last year he was slowing down a little with arthritis just like me so I guess that's why we were meant for eachother....

Anyway our little house will not be the same without our big boy... you can see from the photo that he was always laying near me but I didn't mind stepping over him.

Have a blessed day,


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