Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful for... the pain is better

This weekend was a total loss.  I had a severe migraine caused from nerves in my spine for over 2 days.  Laying in bed with ice on my head/back& taking medicine to ease it enough & praying to just sleep it off.  Since it comes from my back the typical medicines for migraines don't help much even though I get all the typical symptoms (aura, pain, nausea, light/sound sensitivity) but as of this morning I was feeling much better - I'm just not going to look up since it still seems a bit dicey and could flare up again at any moment.  But when you go thru things like that it sure makes you thankful when that pain is eased/gone.


phamil said...

Oh Suzie, I'm sooo sorry you felt so bad, that is terrible, and I feel for you. So glad that your feeling better now!!!! Hugs to you!

Maria Elena said...

Ohhh Suz.. too bad ! Hope you get well pretty soon girl !