Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for... creative outlets

I remember as a child wanting to be an artist but couldn't draw at all.  I don't know why I didn't think of other forms of art but for whatever reason that thought stuck with me.  So I gravitated to crafts - they gave me a chance to be creative & I've tried just about every one out there lol   Some of my favorites are scrapbooking (of course), & all other paper crafts, knitting, quilting, jewelry making, and working with clay.  Working with my hands is an instant de-stresser.  I love the entire creative process whatever I am working on.   I still don't think of myself as an artist but I'm branching out into more artsy ways to be creative.  I guess it's age but I feel I can try anything & if I like it that is good enough for me.

Here's a mini album kit sample I designed for EMI Scrapbooking Store.  The kit is selling well.  It's filled with lots of stitching & stamping.  I loved making this one (even with the inches of glitter lol)

Home Sweet Home - My Mind's Eye Lost & Found paper



Jingle said...

This is so gorgeous! I love it!

2 Worlds said...

Loved Suz, loved the this collection

Maria Elena said...

Hi Suz !! This Mini is so cute ! I love the way you decorated your mini, that line of papers is so pretty...
I llike knitting, cross stitch and much more crafting too and You know what ? For me you are a real artist !! ;-)

Have a great Monday !

p.s.: I wanna see the photo of us together in one of your artistic work ! xoxo

KateB said...

I so love this collection and wish I had bought more of it then I could've copied this!! LOL...great job and I love it all.

Ibis said...

Not only are you an artist, but a modest one at that!

The most basic art skills are color coordination, design, symetry. At these skills you are a pro!

Tracy said...

I found you through Debbie's Dare blog.
I love what you wrote about family and your grandmother.
Growing up my family didn't live close and we never saw them.
Your story with your grandmother warmed my heart.