Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm thankful for... scrappy friends

This is an obsessive hobby that invades every part of your life.  We start to look at everything differently & non scrappers find us more than a bit strange.  I only have a few IRL friends anymore so it was nice to find so many online.  We encourage each other by giving a little "praise" on a layout, comment on a blog post, empathize with not having the right red cardstock (even when we have 20 different shades of red), oh and ah over the latest new "it" product or run out on a mad hunt when we hear about a great sale at Tuesday Morning or Big Lots.  It really boosts me up.  I've been doubly blessed to have gotten to meet some of my online friends in person at CHA & they are all so sweet.


Maria Elena said...

Am I one of your scrappy friends? Hope So ! LOL Nice post Suz...You are a great "real" person, you help me a lot when we scrap in our store, I'm so thankful to have gotten to you too.


p.s.: Check my blog... I have some posts about your blog !

KateB said...

true true and I love that I am finding new OL (online) friends every day...and I'm so glad we are getting a Big Lots in my town soon!!!