Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful for our freedom to vote.

Today is election day & it brings to mind so many things about our country.  We have  so many liberties and freedoms yet so often we take them for granted.  It's so sad to hear that we have such a low voter turn out compared to other countries.

I have many memories of my parents taking us to vote with them as a child standing in the booth & seeing democracy in action.  I guess it was their example that I looked forward to registering to vote at the age of 18.  I tried to pass that on to my boys taking them to the booth with me.

They looked forward to getting that little "I'm a Georgia  voter" sticker with the Georgia peach logo on it.   It may be silly but I wear mine all day too - not really for pride in myself but my country and maybe it's just as a silent reminder to others I might come across during the day...

We've had lively discussions leading up to election day about the issues - learning from each other's perspectives..  I hope you exercise your privileged to vote today.  Look at it as a thank you to all those in the military who are out there serving the country & giving us that privilege.  

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