Monday, June 14, 2010

Heads Up... don't miss this free class


I know I already posted today & no I'm not suddenly turning into a multi-poster (y'all are lucky if I post at all lately it seems).

I was reading thru my emails & came across one from Jessica Sprague.  The site is celebrating their 3 year anniversary (wow sure doesn't seem that long).  They offer really great classes filled with helpful tips and goodies.  I even made an entire journaling prompt book during one of them (they provided all the pages all I did was print & embellish - it had to have been over 50 pages).  I know you are going to enjoy this FREE class.

Just last week I purchased some items from the store.  The "kits of paper" were terific and not flat feeling in any way & the embellishments once printed didn't look home made in any way.

Since I am trying to incorporate more hybrid items into my scrapbooking this is perfect timing & I'm excited to take this class.

For more details click here.

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Courtney K said...

thanks for sharing the info about this class - i'm totally going to check it out!