Monday, June 14, 2010

Chaos & Mess

I know it's Everything Scrapp'n' design team day.  But, I don't have anything to share today I will be posting on Wednesday.  Instead Teresa is inspiring us.  So go check the store blog for details.  (Heads up I saw another shipment of Glimmer Mist in the store yesterday... including the new Heidi Swapp colors - hurry over I know they will not last long).

Ok now to catch you up on what's been going on.....

My life has been extra chaotic since buying a foreclosed house we are smack dab in the middle of major home remodeling.  Yes I've been taking photos of the bad along with the good so I can remember the process on scrapbook pages.  It will make me appreciate the finished product more in the end since I can see on a page all the sweat & work that went into it.

We knew the tile in the bathrooms were nearing the end of usefulness (not to mention they were ugly).  But we had hoped it would last the year & not be a huge undertaking... That would have been true if the appraiser didn't ask the bank to repair or we wouldn't be able to buy the house.  Well they did some cosmetic things & the way they did it made everything worse...

So now this is my master bathroom

yes I can see the downstairs thru that hole since we are taking it down to the rafters & pulling down a bit of ceiling in the family room.  It is overwhelming to think about but I keep saying it will be great when it is done.... like a new house.

The construction isn't just confined to the master bath, the hall bath shares that wall & the floor in there is also rotted which is causing the toilet to leak in there.  Which I closed & placed an X of blue painters tape so no one uses it.  The tub/shower in there is the only place we can shower right now.  But to go to the bathroom it means going down a flight & a half of stairs... that is going to get old in the middle of the night lol.  I'm going to Lowes today to buy some fast set mud to lay tile & put that toilet back in.

On top of that y'all know about the sunroom that the contractors are not taking my calls & I wrote certified letter demanding them to stand behind their work.  So all that conflict has been stressing me out.

I took out some of that stress on the weeds in the yard.  Pulling them out gave me a sense of control over something in my life.  Does that sound crazy?

 Then Andrew decided to paint the concrete floor in his apartment area of the house (hi-jacking my cameras in the process in an area that can't be walked on until Monday night).  Usually Andrew is a mega procrastinator but this time he jumped right in the day he thought about it buying the supplies but without making sure everything needed was out of the "dead zones" where we can't walk.  I guess I'm proud of him for tackling it... I guess watching HGTV for hours is paying off lol

I've been helping doing the light stuff while hubby & son are doing the heavy stuff.  It's so exhausting, dirty, depressing, overwhelming & expensive......

So this is my life right now... I have to smile while shaking my head... it'll get better

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