Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun at Scrapperie

Come by Scrapperie for Fantastic February

Here's some info from the message board:

The Fantastic February contest is based around a theme, "Love is in the Air." Since it is February and February is the month to celebrate Valentine's Day- I thought this might be something fun to do. I'm not one for doing lots of Valentine's day or lovey layouts myself so I thought it would be fun to not only challenge everyone else but myself as well! So, a lot of the challenges, the games, the classes and everything else you'll find going on in the Fantastic February forum will be based around this theme. Participation in the contest is completely up to you. Play along as little or as much as you want. The more you play along, the more chance you will have to earn entries into what I like to call the Fantastic February Prize Pool Drawing (from here on out, I'll just call it the FFPPD). The prize pool will consist of gift certificates to the boutique, tons of mini kits, mini-albums, acrylic albums, stamps sets (with inks) cardstock packs, cards kits, Essentials, Extras and Trimmings monthly kits- and someone can even win a Pièce de Résistance kit!

To win entries there will be challenges, games, classes & more. So there will be a lot of chances all month long.

How challenges will work:

Colleen will continue to issue her weekly challenges, as she normally does, each Monday. You will need to follow the rules that she sets in her challenges in order to earn your entry. All challenges that she issues during the time of the contest are eligible. Each challenge will have a due date. All challenges uploaded to the Gallerie and linked into the challenge thread by the due date will be eligible. At the end of the month, if you've completed all of her challenges, you should have completed 16 total challenges. But guess what? If you complete all 16 challenges, I'll double your entries into the FFPPD. Each week, I will issue some sort of a scrappy challenge. Each challenge will have a due date. All challenges uploaded to the Gallerie and linked into the challenge thread by the due date will be eligible to earn an entry into the FFPPD! I may also issue some MUCH easier and silly challenges along the way too- just for some easy entries.

How the Games Work:

Simply complete the game according to the directions of the game thread. Entry number for games will vary. It could be anything from 1-5!

How the Classes Work:

We will be offering some fun and informative classes throughout the month of February. Participation can earn you anywhere from 1-5 entries into the FFPPD! How What is it?

Each day, Michele will post a picture of something in a thread in the What is it? forum. All you'll have to do is guess what you think the picture is of and send her a PM with your guess. You MAY NOT post your answers in the day's question thread. Why give away your answers, right? Each correct guess will earn you an entry into the FFPPD.

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