Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative Day For Me

I've been feeling like I'm being pulled in 10 different directions. With all the activity going on last weekend I'm designating today as Creative Day for Me day! No housework (except cooking dinner) just what I want to do & that's going to be working on scrapbooking projects. Am I the only one who feels like this sometimes?

I wanted to ask you guys to life Katie Watson up in prayer. She is having a hard time with her health right now & her post last week just broke my heart. I don't know her but read her blog regular & am a fan of her work.

I've also been asked to start a couple of challenge groups over at Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends it was originally a facebook group but now on the ning network. Since I'm quite the heritage scrapper I volunteered for the Heritage Group & Scrap Your Childhood Group. I posted the first challenge in each. If it interests you please join us I'd love to see your work. If these 2 groups don't excite you there are a ton of other ones on the S&CF site so check it out & join in the fun.

There's 4 more days left to submit a layout or 2 for the Paperclipping Monthly Challenge for May. Remember the winner is showcased on the Paperclipping site & newsletters. I know when I won my blog traffic really jumped.

Here's a couple of layouts I made for challenges over at the Nook. I managed to keep up with all the challenges. The blog hop points really gave me a boost in points to get me out of the middle of the pack & gave me the kick in the pants to work on the weekly challenge that I had put off since I couldn't get into my scrap room with out of town guests visiting. I hope I have enough points now to keep me in the running for next week (half of the competitors are cut tomorrow based on points). I'm hoping for the one month GDT spot. The prizes are 6 months, 2 months, & 1 month.... even at the 3rd place spot that's still dreaming big with the talented scrapbookers.

This challenge was to scrap an emotional time in your life (good or bad) & I was inspired by the Jenni Bowlin bingo card on my table looking at me to pick this topic. It's been raining here for days so the photo is the best I can get indoors. I didn't even start it until 2 hours before it was due... posted in the gallery & message board will 11 minutes to spare.

This layout has no adhesive all the layers are stitched, stapled or attached with brads. That was a cool challenge. I almost didn't do this one as I had gone to bed intending not to submit a layout for the challenge. Then laying there stewing & thinking if I miss the cut by 5 pts I'm going to kick myself... so back into the scrap room & cranked this one out in 35 minutes (a record for me) - and it's not half bad either if I do say so myself lol

Have a fantastic Wednesday


Kimmy said...

Living in GA also, sometimes I wonder why our state flower isn't the azalea. :) Love your layering strips on both of these :)

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

What a very special layout!

Lynn said...

ooooooooo love your projects and you gotta just go w/it when the mojos flowin.

Stacey Michaud said...

great projects my friend!