Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Winners of RAK

Thank you to each and every one of you that posted. The response was amazing and much more than I hoped.

I waited for a little after 10:30 and hubby still not home from work. He ended up going to other side of Atlanta to work all day on a job site - so I decided to draw the names myself....

I had 51 entries after the few double postings that I weeded out. Printed them in Word & cut them into equal size slips of paper

Put them in a bucket

Drum roll please.....
pulled out 2 together and bottom one in photo hit the table first so son said that's 1st prize......

Winners are: 1st place K&Co Amy Butler Stamps: pictures2pages (didn't have your email but left comment on your blog)


2nd place Scrappy Cat stamps: scfranson (sent you an email) horrible photo but you can make it out...

Congrats winners & thank you all so much for taking the time to visit my blog and put me way over the count I had hoped for - each of you are so sweet & wish I had more prizes to share.

On a more gloomy note I wanted to share this that I got for posting a note on the board about my RAK:
I got an email from 2peas Mellypea scolding me for promoting my website. "good morning!
just wanted to touch base with you and send you a note to let you know that your thread directing traffic to your blog has been removed from the general scrappin' message board. it was removed as it violates two peas terms of use as it advertises by directing traffic to your blog.
if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. thanks for your understanding.
melanie "

I totally understand about this and love 2 peas but really feel like I'm being singled out. There are many people on there all the time posting and linking to their websites and they are selling things (personal etsy stores, stamps, crops on other websites, the kit clubs, and always several RAKS going on and being promoted, etc. If it's a rule then it should be for everyone and not just me. I wrote back the following and this was her response: "craftysuz Wrote: Sorry see people doing it all the time I'll know for next time Suz""-

"no problem, suz - thanks for being so understanding! hope you have a great night. :)"

What do you think - should I feel singled out or just let it roll off my back (which is what I'm inclined to do after my rant lol) I did just check the 2 peas gen scrap board and there were 2 RAKs, stamp pre release, 2 people saying come to my Etsy store and that is just on first 2 pages with a quick glance. Dont' get me wrong I love the posts linking me somewhere else. Without them I wouldn't have found Paperclipping, good sales, cyber crop at Scapperie, scrapbook montly kits, blogs, prizes, and more. I just don't understand why my little post would be even noticed. I love peas but would like some feedback from fellow peas on this....



pictures2pages said...

WOOHOO!! I Won!! Thanks Suz I look forward to getting the stamps!! I will email you right now.

Ami said...

Wow...please don't feel singled out. I had not idea about RAKS being against TOU.
They (2peas hoo-ha) seem to single out some and just overlook others.

I wouldn't let it get to you. Please.

Have a wonderful week!!!