Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday.... Out of sorts

It's been a weird day here. I didn't realize how much I use my digital camera throughout the day. I loaned it to my son & his girlfriend to take pictures of their 2nd anniversary together. She is an amazing artist & I've been trying to get her to go to school for photography. Her black & white buildings are amazing with the shadows & detail. She can flawlessly create things in photo shop that you would swear were in the photo together. I have to get her to take the time to show me more of how to us PS to the fullest.

I finished my page for the Paperclipping scrap/page kit swap. Sandy sent me so much stuff I can easily make 6 pages! Lovin' that Kaiser stuff I hope my LSS EMI will start carrying it (hint hint Susan).

I tried to do my page while watching Paperclipping live last night and keep looking up to see what Noell was doing. It was fun scrapping along with her but I feel I missed too much by working on my own stuff. I love to watch & participate in the chat..... so next time I'm going to have mine done ahead of time and try to call in on Skype. Noell made a page using the kit I sent. It really turned out wonderful & I'm glad she like the stuff I put together. I really hope we do it again soon. Here's the page I made last night while the show was on. Of course I didn't finish it until much later.

With such special papers I wanted to use special photos so mom recently gave me an album with some stuff from her childhood. Great photos. It's amazing how well the older photos hold up when the ones from the 70 are fading so fast. My scanner wasn't working to link to the computer so I just did reprints & kept all the little flaws.

On the back of one of the papers was a nice tone on tone distressed blue/grey paper. It was perfect for the background but I didn't want to waste the entire sheet for that since the front was such a pretty floral. Inspired by Nat Kalbach from Germany I decided to paint my own background. I got out some paint and since I didn't have the right color just started mixing & came up with the perfect color very easily. Then I just dry brushed it on a piece of white Bazzill textured cardstock. I even did some speckling with thinned paint. I feel like a real artist with a paint brush in hand lol...

There was a loser perv that kept popping into the room & was very annoying. Don't know why someone would get their kicks doing something so stupid.

I ended up borrowing a camera from my other son's girlfriend. She has a Cannon Sureshot which seems to take really nice photos. Still working on getting a digi SLR - dad has a good connection that sells on ebay so we'll see what price he comes up with.

Tonight I made another quick page with the kit. Using another photo from the same time era. It still seems like it needs something.... maybe it's just because I usually put so many layers on a page... Looking at it now I think it's because it's top heavy (I know that's a no no Noell) May have to work on that one some more tomorrow. Lots of stitching so there's no pulling it off lol. I have to stop taking photos of my pages on the counter where I have a tiffany lamp hanging it gives everything a yellowy look too.

Submitted my ap for design team over at Mon Ame kit club. It's a new site that has a great vibe. Lots of fun & talented people hanging out there. I really like the small boards because you can get to know people better. Sometimes as a newer online member I feel lost in the crowd over at the bigger sites like 2peas. I love to "pea" it's an amazing site but it's nice to be in a cozier "place". I'm anxiously waiting for Aug 7th to see if they liked me. I've really gotten so obsessed & totally inspired with scrapbooking again due to the online community. Why didn't I think to find y'all before..... Oh well better late than never right?

Waiting for Ali Edwards interview with Noell this week & for her new book to come out. She is an amazing talent. Dedra Long is in the book - her mini albums are amazing. Check out her blog

Well thanks for stopping by & have a great day!

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Dedra Long said...

It is always nice talking to you Suz during Paperclipping Live...
I'm like you I never try to do any of my own stuff because I feel like I'm missing out on the chatting....

Thanks for all your support and linking my're such a sweetheart!!!