Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Music... I'm a Jordis Fan

I've been a Jordis Unga fan since she was on CBS show Rockstar years ago.  I still have her version of "Man Who Sold the World" and "Heart Shaped Box" on my iphone & listen to it often.  The above song titles are linked to youtube video of the performance on that show.  I didn't want to embed it since I like to visit blogs at night in bed and music has a habit of waking the whole house if I forgot to turn off my speakers lol.

So when she turned up on this season of NBC's The Voice I was excited to see her trying to continue to live her musical dreams.  She has the bluesy style voice that I really like to listen to & puts a lot of heart & emotion into any song she performs.  Unfortunately Blake Shelton didn't keep her as long as fans like me would have liked but huge congrats to her fellow team member Jermaine Paul!  He sure can sing.

Anyway the reason I'm blogging about her on a "scrapbooking" paper crafts blog is because as a fan I'd like to see her succeed & give me more music to put on my iphone....  She is doing what a lot of other independent artists are doing and that is publishing their own albums for much less cost.

You can help her get to the magic number of $33,300 too by visiting this website.  Even just $1 will help her achieve that goal.  She has set up rewards for different levels of support.  Last I checked she was already 30% of the way there.

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