Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WRMK Crazy 8 Punch

Welcome to another one of my reviews of a new product....

(sorry for the iphone photos again "somebody" has lost the cord that hooks my dslr camera to the computer & I can't upload my photos grrrr .

I couldn't resist getting the We R Memory Keepers new Crazy 8 Punches.  Watching all the videos from CHA (since I don't go to the winter show) and then seeing the demo on HSN when it was the world wide launch as the today's special value.... I just had to get it ordered for my birthday (thanks Dad).  The Lace/Doily set was calling my name so that is what was ordered by operator & a conformation was sent to our account.  I even got the auto ship (sets of 2 would ship quarterly for the same price as TSV) since I could always cancel if I didn't want but couldn't add it later.  Quick shipping as it was on my porch within 2 days had me super excited until I opened the box and saw that I received the floral/circle set instead of the the lace/doily.  I love the circle it's super versatile but the floral is just not my style & it would be sitting in the drawer if I kept it.

I called HSN customer service and they acknowledged the mistake and credited my account $10 so I could reorder the lace/doily set which was still in stock (apparently people reserve and say they will send in a check and then don't) and authorized free return shipping.  (but by the time I shipped these back on Monday the lace/doily set was sold out so I didn't end up getting it).  HSN allows you to use and return so I had to try them out to see if I wanted to try to exchange for the lace/doily set because you never know until you try for yourself... right?

Well these punches sure deserve and live up to all the hype.  I loved them!

You can feel the quality they are heavy, durable, carefully crafted & designed.

They are super easy to use - You know how it's tricky to line up traditional border punches not with these punches just line up each corner and punch then flip and do it again.  
The punch has the ability to turn off either the inner or outer cutting with the flip of a switch.
For this scallop circle cut from a 12 x 12 piece of paper I had both settings turned on.

Very clean die cut - no raggedy edges and not lining up.  Again I can't say it enough how it's so easy to achieve professional results.  
These are as nice as the die cut cardstock shapes that Archiver's sells for over $1

On the top of the punch it shows with pictures & words what each setting looks like

This is inner only

this is a closeup of outer only

I did notice a slight problem if I used inexpensive cardstock that was not true 12x12 size
This could be covered up with embellishments to use in a layout

But I think I would just use Bazzill cardstock 
or another premium brand that is true to size to get the best results.

You can also cut different sizes other than 12x12 and get a graduated look.

All in all these are a great tool.  Yes they are a bit pricey since even on HSN the sets of 2 are sold for $59.99 plus shipping.

I have a Cricut Expression but that doesn't stop me from buying border punches so I think I would invest in some basic yet stylish shapes.


Disclaimer:  WRMK did not provide me with products or encourage me to say I liked it.   I purchased  it myself.  This is an honest review of what I think of the product.


Anonymous said...

This punch looks terrific - thanks for giving such a great review of it.

phamil said...

I wanted those punches so bad, but I go the ECraft and couldn't get anything else!!!! Looks like they work like they're supposed to!!!