Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The winner of the weekend giveaway is

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Robin said...

Happy World Cardmaking Day!
I just returned home from getting together with a few friends to make some cards! My favorite card was when someone showed us how to use used dryer sheets on your cards .. way cute!
I've seen a couple of the giveaways that you mentioned, nothing else yet .. but I plan to keep looking!
October 2, 2010 3:40 PM

Congrats Robin - email me your snail mail address to sgray110 at gmail dot com
Thanks to everyone who left a comment & visited.
Hope you are having beautiful weather in your area.  Here in Georgia fall is the best time of the year.  Except for the ragweed (which is really bad this year( & yellow jackets (the bug not the college team - so don't get your panties in a wad those of you who love GA Tech - the bugs seem to know they aren't long for the world & want to take anyone down with them who gets in their paths)  it would be perfect... but you can't have everything.  We get cool nights and days in the 60's or 70's which after tis super hot summer is so welcome.  I love to watch the dogs first thing in the morning go out and that chill in air causes them to tuck the tail & just be a bit more frisky running around the yard.
It's also the time for festivals.  Every weekend there is something fun to do close by the house.  We went to the Lawrenceville Rockin' Rib Festival on Saturday.  It was the first time we attended this one but thought it was worth checking out since there was live music, good food, & very close to the house.  Charley rushed me and I forgot the camera so thank goodness for the iphone.
The music was a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover band & they were very good.  

I love that the old town of Lawrenceville has live music on the lawns outside the old courthouse.  

While enjoying the mellow music out of the corner of our eye we both saw at the same time this crazy guy who was dancing like a maniac.  

We were dying laughing.  Come to find out he was recording HIMSELF....

Here are some You Tube links of him dancing to some of the other bands later in the day

Looks like he even got on the stage with this band

We were pleasantly surprised you could buy beer (if you stayed on 2 of the 4 blocked off streets surrounding the courthouse square?)

$4 a little cup was a bit high but that didn't stop you know who

I seemed to have the kiss of death for every line I stood in....

First Rita's to get an italian ice... they were out of everything after a 10 minute wait

Then how about a funnel cake.... waited another 10 minutes only to get within 2 people of front of the line and something happened to their power....

So we walked around a bit & saw Hawaiian ice & I stood in line yet again...
20 minutes later I got this

Finally!  A delicious & refreshing cherry delight...

I think I enjoyed it even more because I finally got something to eat.


Well that's all for today... have a great day.

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Robin said...

looks like a fun weekend
thanks for drawing my name, I'll be emailing you soon