Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Monday... Already

The weekends sure aren't long enough.  It was beautiful weather this weekend (a tad hot but I'm not complaining... much - I'm just ready for some cooler fall weather it shouldn't be in the mid 80's).  We got some much needed rain today & looks like it will continue for a couple days.

In honor of halloween coming up I thought I would share a layout (which I thought I already posted here  but I guess it was just in the Paperclipping forum for the monthly challenge.  If you haven't already submitted your page you've got until midnight pacific time on the 31st.  Click here for all the details - all are welcome.

This is my son (on left he looks a bit too good as a girl scary lol) and his friend. At 21 he still loves to dress up each halloween.

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