Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Winners....

Well since I haven't heard from the last 2 winners that were chosen I've gone ahead & picked 2 more.

Winner of the Everything Scrapp'n  Prize:

Min: 1

Max: 94



and the winner is a fellow fiskateer....

stampkjs said...

I am a new follower thanks to your post on Fiskateers. Great blog!

December 12, 2009 10:55 PM


Winner of the Prize from Ana Cabrera

Min: 1

Max: 94



Vijaya Siddharth said...

Here it is!

I put it as my twitter status!



Congrats y'all & thanks for your support of my blog & sweet comments.  Send me your snail mail address sgray110 at gmail dot com & I'll forward to my generous sponsors


So what are your plans for New Years Eve? 

Normally we go to the square in the small city we live in.  They really do a fantastic New Year's celebration.  There is many different live bands ranging from rock all the way to big band which was my favorite.  Being in the historic courthouse & seeing all the musicians & beautiful singer dressed in a long gown takes you back to a different time & reminds me of my grandfather who was a piano player & instilled the appreciation & love of all types of music in me but especially the old standards.  It's so festive & perfect for New Year's Eve.  There's even a big dance floor for those who want to cut a rug.... The other bands are scattered around the town outside or in different buildings.  Plenty of food choices at the restaurants or typical festival food (I can't leave without a funnel cake - yum).  A horse drawn carriage ride or a spin around town on an antique cable car that has been converted with wheels gives a break to walking.  Finally at midnight the fireworks go off to greet 2010 (though we never stay that long).  It  looks like this year will be rained out... and with my broken tail bone I'll be ushering in the new year in front of the TV.  Oh well... hopefully next year I'll be able to enjoy a favorite tradition.

Well that's all for today - I can tell it's going to be a slow day these bones are having a hard time getting moving today (wow I feel like I'm ancient).  Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

congrats to all the winners!!!!!

i hope you have a speedy recovery suz and that you and your loved one's have a happy, healthy, spectacular 2010!


Jingle said...

I hope you get to be up and around again soon! New Years' Eve is our anniversary, but this year we are helping some friends decorate and prepare for their wedding on the 1st. So, we will spend the day helping at the church and then maybe do a nice and easy casual meal out and a movie. Nothing super extravagant, but it will actually be really nice to just take it easy and relax because life has been pretty crazy for the last couple of weeks!

laterg8r said...

taking it easy sounds good for new years!

i hope to be sleeping LOL :D

Vijaya Siddharth said...

Oh I cant believe I won! Will email you! How are you feeling now ?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!