Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Was Lucky at CHA

Making Memories & Cricut would give out tickets for the chance to win Slice machines, Cricut Gypsies or other Provo merchandise. I won a bag at the Provo booth on Wednesday filled with 3M adhesives & the new Cricut Post it Note Paper.

On Thursday we had about given up winning any of the Slice machines or Cricut Gypsy. We never got our photo taken for the Making Memories board. Denise, my room mate, came up with a plan to use the Slice buttons they were giving out as earrings (she hung them off her hoops). We went to the booth & they took her photo. Within 30 minutes she was on the winner board & was picking up her pink limited edition breast cancer Slice & cartridge. I asked them to take my photo & they did. We then went back around to the Provo Craft booth to do the make n takes & get more of the tickets for the giveaway at 4pm. Betsy (a fellow Fiskateer I met the night before at the Paperclipping Newsbreak taping) came up behind me & said that my photo was on the winner board & that I had won the Slice too! I was already in line for the make n take so finished it up then went over to see if it really was me & IT WAS! I really did win a Slice too.

Here's the photos they took before & after receiving my prize.

We then heard some hoopin & hollaring so we went over to the Quickutz booth just in time for the giveaways there. Denise put our business cards in the bucket & I rubbed her arm (like a budah for luck) and I was the next name called winning all the Halloween cookie cutter dies & a Miss Muffet alphabet die set! I nearly fell over. I don't usually win anything but left that day with a tote bag filled with prizes.

I had this photo taken at the Cricut booth to get another ticket for their giveaways.

Well neither of us won a Gypsy - sure would have been nice... but I'm sure not complaining I left with way more than I came with.


Stacey Michaud said...

And I was there to see it happen! Lucky girl--now you have to actually use the stuff!

joscelyne cutchens said...

that is so fabulous! :) wooot for you!

Marie Levite said...

How exciting!! Congrats!

Dedra Long said...

How awesome Suz!
I'm so glad you had a blast at CHA and won some goodies on top of it all.

You totally deserve all of the goodness that comes your way!

lez aka hungryheffy said...

jealous much? yes, yes, very very very green with jealousy. but happy that you were a lucky winner! x

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

holy cow - how great is that?!

happydays525 said...

Wowzers, that's just AWESOME! =) said...

I totally missed this post. That pic is hilarious! Sorry you didn't win a gypsie but there is always next time.