Sunday, January 13, 2008

Had a great weekend of scrapbooking

Friday I tried to visit the scrapbook store grand opening nearby and after driving all the way down there found she still wasn't open due to carpet not going in. I had my heart set on getting some new paper and embellishments that are different (Hobby Lobby has a great selection but only goes so far and Michaels and Joanns are very limiting to my "creative spirit" ha ha) anyway I got out my cell phone and launched the internet and typed scrapbook stores Buford Ga because I had heard there might be one up there and up pops a store so I head that way to check it out.

I walk in and am floored with the amount of supplies to fill idea that pops into my mind. They had rooms to scrap for free. Everyone was so nice and helpful... I didn't know where to begin. I kept my budget in check (it was hard) and walked thru the entire store first then headed back to the clearance section for a further look before looking at the regular priced products. I found a wonderful tote bag to hold all my stuff when I am "mobile". I have one of those big rolling totes but that's too much to take to work on a page or two when most of the tools are available to use there. Anyway it was 75% off so I couldn't pass it up. I then checked out the clearance paper and got a couple sheets. I needed some of those flowers you put the brads thru and found just what was in my imagination for the pages I'm going to start. There was a round scalloped paper in black dots and red outline that I fell in love with so couldn't pass that up. I really like the scallop edges and purchase 3 different ones. I could get cardstock in any color imaginable! Finally a yellow that isn't horrible... I spent less than $30 and was pleased with my new stuff. I can't wait to go back there. It's funny when I am at home and google scrapbook stores Buford GA this store does not pop up so I was glad I decided to use the cell phone and found Archivers Photo Memory Store. I came home and found a coupon so I guess I'll have to go back in the next week or so to use it. I want to visit the outlet scrapbook store that is up there on the other side of the mall road

so I guess I'll make a day of it. I wish I had a friend who liked to scrapbook. It would be a great outing.

I've got so many ideas for valentine cards so that will be my next project and products I will look for.

I worked on several digital pages and 2 traditional pages - it's been a nice weekend of scrapbooking for me. I would have done more but had to work on the directory for our Sunday School class that I had been putting off since I lost my hard drive last month and the backup disc was in the computer at the time and for some reason (because Word was open using the directory files) it corrupted them too. I would never have expected hard drive failure in a computer that is less than 6 weeks old but it can happen to anyone. I had scanned so many pictures and PS them along with all the ones I downloaded from the camera and then deleted them. Thankfully I had prints made of most of them so it wasn't a total loss except for my time. I lost about a dozen pages I had worked on but learned my lesson and for Christmas received an external hard drive and back up often. I'm "chasing rabbits" so back on the topic I started this paragraph with... anyway I love to sit at the computer and discover new things I can do in Photoshop it is a truly remarkable program.
I just love going thru all the old pictures: cleaning them up", finding just the right paper and bling to do it justice, and putting my ideas on the computer screen. It is bliss to me! The page above is a picture of me at age 4, my mom pregnant within days of giving birth to my sister and my grami (mom's mom). I loved how the paper brought out the colors in the old picture. Let me know what you think . . . suggestions greatly appreciated.

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