Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The yard is coming along...

I moved a bunch of plants from the old house & kind of just plopped them in the ground anywhere until the fall to replant (if they made it).  Many of them are doing well and the house is looking better.  It's amazing what a little raking, fertilizer & mulch will do.

I painted the door to match the shutters from primer to red made a big difference

Arbors has a new home on the side of the house that needs some sweat & love

Azalea that came with the house has big flowers

Front bed

Dragon plant has the prettiest folliage all summer and late lacy blooms

Hydrangea almost ready to bloom

Rare trillium is happy in new yard & may even bloom

My statues from yard sales and hobby lobby clearance

And sodded the back with fescue... it's amazing how inexpensive it was - seed wasn't much less ($40) when we bought all the supplies and this was already growing and green.

Rosie tired out from running in her yard

Well hope you come back tomorrow for Everything Scrapp'n Monthy Challenge Reveal.  We all made mini album (one of my favorites I've made in a while).