Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold Monday

Well we dodged more snow last night & this morning.  Just some cold rain.

I'm moving kind of slow today.  After the tests on Friday I'm so sore.  Thursday I will go to 2 different doctors so hopefully I will get some news that they can at least relieve some of this pain.  Thanks so much for all the well wishes & prayers - it really means a lot & is keeping my spirits up.

I did get some happy email today... I'm on quite a winning streak lately... first the 2 wall clip it ups from Simply Renee and now a 5 week class (that I so wanted to take but with the move money was going to home improvement things right now).  It looks fantastic - here's the link for more info.

We're counting down the days to the move.  Closing is next week & there is so much to do.  My sons are so great they keep telling me not to worry about doing what I physically can't that they will take care of everything.  It eases my mind but not the level of frustration with myself not being able to do what I want to do.

I finished the last of my design team requirements for the month so that everything can now be packed away.  The page I worked on last night is filled with stitching (both hand & machine) that could be why my arm is hurting so much today... lots of french knots required both hands lol.

So I don't have the photos loaded yet of the snow or the sneak peaks of projects... I think I'll just answer some questions from the last week in the comments.

Viji asked about the font I used on the cat page in my last post... It's my favorite American Crafts Thickers style of letters called Jewelry Box - Chestnut.  I can't get enough of them - the perfect shade of dark brown.  I buy at least 2 packs at a time - it seems when  I have 2 packs they last a lot longer.  It's such a whimsical & interesting font.  With a mix of capital & lowercase letters.  I try to mix my fonts when using the Cricut & this pack does just that.  Everything Scrapp'n has some of the glittery colors (pink, aqua & white) in stock & on sale today.  45% off everything - Code: Valentines

Viji also asked about how I get dimension on a layout.  I use a lot of the "pop dot" style adhesive.  You can buy them prepackaged or make your own using craft foam & some glue.  I go for the prepacked since it saves me time & I think they are acid free. 

They seem to be getting harder to find in my craft stores (Michaels & Joann's) but Hobby Lobby usually has some & I can always find them at Walmart (I think they sell the Ek brand).  The foam adhesive comes in circles or squares and different heights (1/4" or 1/2").   The square size uses every bit of the foam sheet but the circles leave a "honeycomb" of waste when punched out.  I cut of the waste & use it in little pieces on the back of my flowers (perfect for the petals).  Some of the brands are stiffer than others (Ek).  My favorite is made by Zva (makers of gems similar to Prima) and can sometimes be found online at Everything Scrapp'n.

Zots has some dimensional adhesive in their line of glue dot style adhesive.  I tried a box with a coupon I had.  They are big blobs of traditional glue dot adhesive - though not as sticky.  I didn't like them since I couldn't cut them to fit my item & they were lumpy & showed thru paper (even Pink Paislee weight patterened paper).

Here's a couple of the common brands you can find. 

Hobby Lobby usually has the white ones

Archivers has these in their Hot Spot area

Walmart Ek variety (these are example of the circular leftover)
I have also found they are firmer than the other ones on the market.

I'm so excited for Stacey Michaud (her personal scrappy blog is filled with scrappy inspiration) - she did her first post over on the Pink Paislee blog.  She is one of my favorite scrappers who I also call a friend.  Check out her Technique Tuesday post.  She's a perfect addition to the Pink Paislee design team.  I can't wait to buy the new Pink Paislee products - the colors are beautiful & so many budget friendly embellishments will surely fill my basket. 

Well I hope you have a fantastic day.  I hope my computer continues to cooperate today (Andrew erased it & reloaded everything)... I'd like to be able to watch Sudie of Unkit do her live show tonight at 9:30 PM eastern time.


2 Worlds said...

thats cool Suz looks like a fun class

Coleen Franks said...

Hi Suz,
Just changed the name of my blog. I'm following your blog. Would you follow mine? Then I can get directly to yours from mine.

Jessica said...

Ooh I love the Jewelry Box Thickers too. Hope you're feeling a little better this weekend. :)

Viji Siddharth said...

Hi suz...I just checked this post..thanks for answering my questions.. :) I got some just reading all your posts...haven't done that in a long time..missed quite a few!