Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paperclipping Roundtable

I enjoyed Noell Hyman & Nancy Nally's show Paperclipping Newsbreak last summer.  After a break for the holiday they have revamped it taking the best from that show and have released Paperclipping Roundtable.  It's a fantastic audio podcast where real life scrappers who work in the industry "dish".  Joining hosts Noell & Nancy is regular panel member Ana Cabrera (Northridge Media - Scrapbook Trends online coordinator).  They will have guests each week & for episode 1 the guest is: Stacy Jullian (Big Picture Scrapbooking & the defunct Simple Scrapbooks Magazine).  I also always enjoy Izzy Hyman (Noell's Hubby) with his witty humor & technical skills.

I was fortunate to attend a live show of Paperclipping Newsbreak at CHA summer 2009.  Noell & Nancy had a panel of guests talking about the industry, trends & just fun chatting.  It was exciting to get the insight into the publishing and industry sides of scrapbooking.  Hearing about this aspect of scrapbooking really spurred my creativity & helped me to understand how the magazines choose the layouts they showcase & what they are looking for.  The trend & quality of online publishing is advancing monthly; which will quickly take the place of paper magazines & books.  Ella Publishing's creators Lain Ehmann & Angie Lucas shared during that podcast how this allows the publishers to be more current on the material they publish since the lead time is much less than paper.  I think this was the best PCNB episode & I'm so glad they have chosen to expand on this format.

Paperclipping Roundtable will be taking the cues from the former show & bringing in guests each week to expand the topcis available to be focusing on.  I really enjoy hearing the guests talk about the future of scrapbooking & creating an online community to replace all those lost LSS  & crop groups we so miss.  It also is a treat to get to know the "celebrity" scrappers & listening to what they are up to.  Hearing about the past & present of scrapbooking from their eyes & where they feel that scrapbooking will go.  Sharing their asperations how they will "help" keep the industry fresh & exciting.  It amazes me how fostering my knowledge of the indsutry as a whole really sparks my creativy & passion.  Noell is great about digging deeper & asking the questions we all would want to ask if we were speaking to the guest.  Nancy brings a wealth of business& technical knowledge and everyday sensibilities to the conversation and asks things that I wouldn't even think of asking but it helps me to see the industry in a different perspective.

The Picks of the Week really is a great resourse.  I loved hearing the reviews of the products out there.  Since most of us are trying to be frugal it helps to take some of the guesswork about if a product does what it promises.  Ana's review of the Xyron Creatopia was fantastic.  You can tell she really put it to the test. 

Head on over & listen to the premier episode that is already the top hobby podcast on itunes & #35 of all podcasts!

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