Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting Back into the Creative Mood

Well this week I've slowly been getting back to myself after this drawn out bout with kidney stones & infection.  I was able to get out a bit on Wednesday to grocery shop & Thursday to go to the doctors.  It just felt good to be outside!  My house is getting cleaned up & I had the boys help me move the scrapping stuff back into the scrap room since it's cooler now & a/c doesn't need to be on I'm fine in there.  Just doing that sparked the creativity.  I really like to organize & move around my "stuff".  I find things I have forgotten about & it encourages me to use my older supplies in creative ways.

Another thing that is getting those creative juices flowing is having fun with the Cricut Gypsy.  Mine came last week (ahead of schedule).  I had no problems with it at all except when I was loading Graphically Speaking cartridge.  It just locks the entire machine up.  Provo Craft is sending me another one of that cartridge & it should solve the problem - easy fix!  There is so much to learn & so many possibilities...  I love that even when I'm stuck in bed I can create with the Gypsy - though with my meds making me loopy there's no telling how good it will be lol.  But I'm having fun doing it.

My mom has been on me for a while to write a novel... so when Noel Hyman started talking about participating in National November Novel Writing Challenge at NaNoWriMo I thought I would give it a go.  I'm not over thinking or rereading - I'm just letting the words & story pour out for a first draft.  We'll see how it goes.  I've almost completed my 2nd chapter.

I made a card yesterday!  Don't laugh it's a big deal.  I find that stamping really inspires me & since cards go much faster than layouts I don't procrastinate about starting a project.  Cards are just the trick for getting me out of a slump.

I think with December right around the corner I'll be doing lots more cards.  I usually do a lot of mini albums at this time of year for gifts for family & friends.  December also marks the 2nd anniversary of my blog.  So that means some great prizes in the near future.  I have some generous sponsors & have been buying when I see something great to offer you guys.  I feel like I've been ignoring you but it sure wasn't intentional... first with the internet problems then my health problems.  I really am thankful for each of the comments I get & have "met" so many wonderful people on the web.  Even when I can't get out of the house there's no isolation with my online scrappy friends...

Have a great weekend!


laterg8r said...

love your card - great mojo jump starter :D

2 Worlds said...

Suz glad your 're feeling better wow you're going to have fun with gypsy :)

Wife2TJ said...

Glad to hear your feeling better. Kidney stones are no cup of tea....

lol about the med's making you loopy. Sometimes I'll create after taking my Ambien and will look at what I made the next day and don't even remember creating what I did. lol!

Hoping you continue to feel better

noell said...

Somewhere along the way I missed you saying you were having kidney stones removed. Sorry to hear that! My sister has dealt with this over and over again.

I got your surprise package yesterday with all those yummy goodies and that GORGEOUS card! Thank you so much! I've been meaning to buy decorative stick pins, too! (Is there a name for those?). Thank you thank you thank you!