Thursday, July 23, 2009

There's a Dark Cloud....

I really feel like "the dark cloud of doom" is hovering over me lately. Things are breaking left & right around me.

Last night I was getting ready for bed not even touching my glasses & I hear a ping & feel a pop.... well they broke springing open & the lens fell out! Not at a joint but right in the upper middle. What are the chances of that! I'm blind as a bat & have a heavy Rx and astigmatism so they are so not cheap (over $300 just for lenses anywhere I go) & they take at least a week to make because they have to be sent out... I'm leaving for CHA on MONDAY!

Thankfully I had an old pair of glasses that don't have the progressive trifocals but I can at least see far away. Yep I have to take them off to read or see anything close. They aren't the best style either but I keep repeating to myself "AT LEAST I CAN SEE".

No I haven't hit my breaking point yet though I was close last night... I sent Heather (owner of Everything Scrapp'n) an email last night asking her if she really wanted to risk being around me since I seem to be a walking disaster... she said she would risk it lol. So I'm dusting myself off & with a smile shaking my head counting the days to a fantastic vacation.... and when you see a woman with small granny glasses that are so out of style you know it's me just plugging away at lifes knocks.... lol

Hopefully nothing else will happen in the next few days....

I'm off to get my haircut & see if they can superglue my glasses. Later I might sneak in some time at the Unity Thursday blog hop chat though with the luck I'm having I doubt I'll win any prizes lol

Speaking of Everything Scrapp'n... clearance sale of everything in the store. Take 35% off your entire order enter code "SUMMER" at checkout until 7/24 midnight est.


Night Owl Mama said...

Omgosh how aweful hope they r fixable

A hair cut always makes me feel better
Stoppin by from the SITS to say hello

Marie Levite said...

A hair cut will make those granny glasses look better for sure!
Now get out from under that cloud! Enjoy your vacation.

TrayChic said...

I know about the whole glasses thing. I wear contacts so when I'm having issues with them, I "get" to wear my glasses. At least you have Florida to look forward to!! I'm looking forward to it, myself. Hope your day gets better!

Stacey Michaud said...

oh boy! We might bump into each other at CHA, trip and both break our ankles! No, just jokes! Sorry all that is happening. It means a great trip though!