Friday, September 12, 2008

What a Week

Had some computer problems & my son ended up doing f-disk & reinstalling everything. That would have been wonderful had the computer been doing what it was supposed to be doing by backing up everything every night at 2 a.m..... Andrew didn't check to make sure so I lost a couple weeks worth of work & photos - yikes... when am I going to learn.... so the blog video tutorials are now a little behind.....

Anyway now it's all running like new again & the Internet is super fast. It was taking minutes to load my email page & we have the 10 meg of speed from the cable company!

I'm so excited about the Breast Cancer crop tomorrow at EMI Scrapbooking in Cumming! It's 100% sold out & there are going to be loads of freebies along with a yard sale. I got my totes packed and ready to go. I love to crop with others but it is such a production making page kits, packing up & I always take too much. As usual I'm sure I will socialize more than I create lol but it will be a great time for a wonderful cause that is close to my heart since both my mom & I have fought this growing disease.

I'm going to take my camera to capture the day.

Make sure you check out Jennifer McGuire & Stephanie Howell's blog Jennifer is doing a card drive for our troops. Stephanie's hubby is in Afghanistan so she had to get in on promoting this important card drive. My cousin's son, daughter & son-in-law are all in Iraq/Afghanistan right now serving so it's another thing that is important to me. We so need to encourage, pray for & support our troops & their families.

Here's a layout I did this week of my son's girlfriend Stephanie. I admire her creativity so much & she is a beautiful, wonderful, talented young woman. She did the photo shop work in this photo. I've seen photos she has "shopped" where she has taken parts out of mulitple different photos and her work is seamless and amazing! I would swear that the two people were originally in the photo.

The design is a little more modern & "clean lined" than I usually do but still true to my style with the beads & a lot of journaling. That's so important in anything creative we do - to not try to be something we're not. No I'm not saying don't try new things or take inspiration from layouts we love - the best layouts are really unique & personal. That's the best part of scrapbooking - there are no rights and wrongs just do whatever you want on your pages and have fun.

I got picked up for another couple of layouts in Scrap N' Art & Scrapbook News & Review. It's fun to have someone want to publish something you create.

Have a great weekend.

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Sassy Sasha said...

Love the LO and thanks for posting that about the troops. My brother is currently serving in Afghanistan right now and I and hubby are both active duty AF and have served time and will be going back to Iraq .. so cards are the world to Troops ..