Sunday, June 1, 2008


I was at Archivers on Saturday... my husband and I rode up to Cumming and the LSS up there was closed so he was nice enough to let me stop at Archivers and even gave me money to spend = wow! Anyway the sales woman hadn't even pulled it out of the box but was nice enough to open the box and let me buy it while I was there (it wasn't going on the shelves until later in the day) They treat me so well there.... I spend enough money I guess - no they have some awesome people working there very creative & filled with all kinds of helpful hints.

Here's a layout I did using the Passport 12x12 diecut paper. You all know how much I love those diecuts from MM. I really love the color of this paper and it has more depth than some of the other MM paper lines. I loved that red Valentine line diecut for that reason..... There's postcard on one of the papers and on the tag set. Looks like a versitile and fun line to create with.

Have a good one!

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Trish said...

so cute! I love your blog :)