Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is Scrapbooking on it's Way OUT?

I was checking out the 2peas general scrapbooking board this morning with my breakfast and came upon this posting - made me start thinking.....

The LSS like any small business right now need to continue to evolve and find their nitch because we are out there buying that's for sure and as scrapbookers we need to look at where and how we buy before we complain or judge the store owners.

I think if the LSS did kits or clubs that would boost their business.

My local quilting shop does a "block of the month" where you pay $5 for the year and every month on a specific Sunday you bring your completed block in and get the next month at no charge. If you bring in on another day you have to pay for the block again $5 - as long as you are on time it's free and $5 for the entire year. The plus for the store is while you are there that day you buy other stuff. I would say that 75%+ of these people are buying on that day. That would be something different for a LSS to do.

But we as scrapbookers/consumers need to think about where/how we spend our scrapbooking dollars and not complain/judge our local stores too harshly as we are part of the problem. Sure we are going to want to get the most for our money and buy tools/supplies with our 40% off coupon or when they are on sale at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Archivers, Target, Joanns, etc. But that is where our stores make their money. The LSS need to carry punches, tools, whatever that the chains don't carry so we have to buy from them. They don't make much on paper. Think about the overhead involved in the store building and hours for employees. Many of the LSS owners are at their store 7 days a week and I'm sure they aren't making much per hour if they broke it down that way.... Any small business is part "labor of love" but their comes a point that it makes no sense to keep losing money or giving away your time for free. We as scrapbookers/consumers think they can sit there and scrap all day in between customers and would love to do that. But the reality isn't all that rosey.

We like these people that have went out on a limb and put up their income/reputation/time/energy/talents/ etc to keep our passion of scrapbooking alive in today's economy but are we supporting them and the other question is are they supporting us with things we can't get anywhere else and making us want to drive xx miles to get to the few stores that are still open.

Well now that I've had a rant and shared my "expert business advice" ha ha

I just hope it will make people think and help the industry that we all love and need. I know you fellow scrappers who have more knowledge of the business can come up with better idea than I can. I just hope that the LSS start evolving before it's too late! My old boss used to say if you're doing something the same way you did 2 years ago you are losing money & time and it can be done a better way - you have to stay on top of the market not just be in the market. I really see how true that is in today's economy.

Have a blessed day!

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