Monday, April 7, 2008

Homemade/Mock Clip it Up

I had been wanting to do the one that hangs on the wall or under shelves but since I've been booted out of my scraproom by my DS moving back home my DH wouldn't let me do anything on the walls in the dining room. It's that old 1950's pine paneling and he just loves it. He panics when I even hang a picture up. Anway after much searching and inspiration here is my take on the Clip It Up.......
I took the idea of some fellow scrapbooker and made my own version of a clip it up using a black metal paper towel holder purchased at Family Dollar for $4. Had a box of 50 Heavy Duty sheet protectors, 100 left over pieces of cardstock from Sams Cub & purchased a package of 1-1/2" binder rings at Staples for $1.99. I'm pleased with the results. This version holds a lot. I've found it works best using it like a stand up book. I did have some old little tiny weights that I found in an old tool box a while ago and taped it on the bottom using black electic tape so I don't even see it because it is a little top heavy. If I had the 2" binder rings I could have put 100 sheets of protectors on it. I put my letter stickers, masks, die cuts, in it and have lots of room for more stuff. It would even be great for acrylic stamps. I would guess if I bought all the materials it would have cost me less than $20 and it holds much more than the base and top version of the Clip it Up. Sorry for the glare in the photos.

Have a blessed day!

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Jackie G said...

Wow! That looks so awesome!! I'm totally going to think about making one of these!! I have the one that hangs from a shelf...and am not impressed! Thanks for sharing!! :)