Saturday, August 9, 2014

Best Friends

It was so wonderful to have my best friend since 4th grade (when you are 51 that's a LONG TIME lol) come visit last week,  We talk several times a month for several hours which is like getting together but in person was amazing, wonderful, fabulous..... and any other super great adjective but still wouldn't describe it totally.  I treasure her friendship.  We have so many things in common (crazy about critters is high on that list)  It's so comforting to have someone just "get you".  Lori can call me out on things & really encourages me like no one else.  During one of our talks I mentioned no one wanted to see the Bacon Brothers with me (I've been a fan since late 90's).... next thing I know she has a plane ticket scheduled.

Holding Pom who just got his first haircut at the groomers...

It was so great just hanging out together.  The highlight was going to a concert celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Sugar Hill GA.  The line up was Haley & Alexis Band, Andy Velo Band & The Bacon Brothers.

We got there in time to see the car show leaving....
Swoon a Mustang had to take pic for my son (we're both total Mustang freaks)

This sports car was really cool 

Portapotty looked like a phone booth 

Pretty courthouse & park area 

We're waiting for the show to start. 
Lori bought me a hair clip since it was so hot.

Haley & Alexis Band is really great.
I am now a fan & can't wait to see where their musical journey takes them.
Love their original tunes & they rocked the covers especially Johnny Cash....
Really talented musicians in their band

My scrapbooking friend Maggie's son is the drummer Matt Pozzi
I've been following them & a fan for a while

This crazy drone that was flying around...
During Bacon Brothers set it caught Kevin Bacon's eye & he said it "was freaking him out" lol 

It was dark by the time the Bacon Brothers came on so pictures from iphone not so good 
We were 3rd row on the left.  Brought our lawn chairs it was great

They are fabulous musicians & showmen.  So talented 
They played a great mix of old & new (not released yet) music
and a few unexpected covers

Encore was incredible with lots of shiny pieces of mylar shooting out of cannons on either side of the stage...
a magical end to an incredible night

It was a wonderful night we are ready to go see them again!!!!

The new CD coming out in a couple weeks will have to be enough
I already bought the single "493 Miles"

If you aren't already a fan I encourage you to give them a listen.
Lori wasn't very familiar with their music & is now ready to follow them across the country with me lol

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Lori Neikirk said...

Wow, Suz - what a great post! It was such a blessing for us to be together and to have so much fun at the concert. Thanks for getting the tickets and tunning me into the Bacon Brothers. I'm now a forever fan. Most of all, it was great spending time with you and getting to see your "studio" - you are truly an artist and I loved seeing all your creative work. We definitely keep each other sane! Love you, my friend.