Wednesday, July 21, 2010


All my in stock Ippity Stamps are on sale now to clear out what is left & make room for the to die for new releases next month.  Click here to shop now... remember I ship free to USA/APO & give allowance for international shipping.

I've been so neglecting my poor blog... I'm so sorry.  Our house is still a construction zone with the master bath and sunroom slowly being remodeled.  Chaos just seems to suck the creativity out of me... I like organization and everything being just so.  To top it off the pages/mini books I've been working on are all about my sons... and you all know that gives them "power of veto" when they don't want current things shared about them... oh how I miss having little ones with no say so lol.  I've also been trying to submit to CK and other card magazines which means no sharing that project online prior - why aren't they easy like the Trends?  So if they don't get picked up I'll have quite a few to share with you.

Also my sister is finally home from the hospital - wow almost a month was unbelievable.  She's recovering at our parents house.  Thanks so much everyone who sent her hand made cards - y'all are awesome and I can't tell you how much it encouraged her.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Well gotta run I promise to post something tomorrow

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