Monday, May 24, 2010

What's up...

I know I've been neglecting my blog.  I'm still getting my creative space in order.  Which is more of a challenge than I thought.  I'm already missing my beautiful sunroom.  I so wish I would have taken more photos before the devastation... note to self:  don't wait until something is "perfect" to capture the memory.   Most of the problem is stemming from the fact that Charley doesn't want me to put a bunch of holes in the wall if this is going to be a temporary space.  Hello there is always spackle and paint!  We have this issue all the time when I'm hanging artwork since he knows how I am about moving furniture.  A running joke when the kids were young and he was an over the road trucker was that if he came home in the middle of the night he needed to use a flashlight because things might not be in the same place as when he left the week before.  I can't do the moving as much by myself anymore but I do still like to shake things up.

Sorry... I got off topic (known in the south here as chasing rabbits).

Back to the room.  So without the shelving on the walls everything is covering the table & just looks cluttered.  I have a gift card for ikea & he wouldn't even drive me down there in the pickup truck to buy a shelving unit on the weekend.  Well I'll give him that one since that store is a mad house if you don't go during the week.  But I need it NOW.  lol I sound the the girl in Willy Wonka.

So today I hear the angels singing & the drill going... at least 2 of the shelves that were in my craft room in the old house are going on the wall to put lesser used items.  So I am working hard to get it semi in order so that I can start creating cards for the Operation Write Home Blog Hop this weekend.

I participated in the blog hop last year & knew I had to do it again.  This is such a great organization collecting handmade blank cards to send to our deployed troops all over the world so they can keep in touch with their family & friends.  Such a simple little thing but it creates such an impact on the soldiers.  Many send in video comments or photos in their thank you emails.  It just warms my heart.

So I hope you make plans to hop along with us this weekend.  There will be loads of inspiration & amazing cards.  Last year I was so moved by the stories and tributes people shared about family members.  Some of the blog stops were even military family members sharing how important receiving the cards was to their deployed loved ones & themselves.  You'll see the well known paper crafters & those who just love to create.  Some companies also participate to support the cause.  Lots of the blogs offer RAK/prizes too which is just icing on the cake.   (I'll be giving away some {ippity} stamps!)

Even if you aren't a card maker you can support this cause by giving a tax deductible donation.  They always need money for postage to send the packages off to the service members all over the world.

Have a great day!

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